End of Week 264 – And the Tweet Goes On….


I got to the gym all 6 days this week.  It felt good.  Next week I’ll probably miss Friday and Saturday because my husband is having minor surgery on Friday, but this past week was good.  Eating is still a challenge.  I’m trying to figure out what to do.

This week’s picture is of my son and his band, Fate Eternal.  They have found a place to play on Wednesday nights.  A bar called “Tom’s Bullpen” has open mic night every Wednesday.  It is so unusual to find a place that lets metal bands play.  However, one of the owners happens to be a metal fan.  The guys have a blast there.

Work was an adventure this past week.  Our computer system is constantly finding new and more imaginative ways to mess us up.  And on top of that, I had a person from out-of-state call me on a complaint they filed against one of our banks.  I’m used to angry people, to people who claim an institution is discriminating against them, to people who think our office is there just to agree with the banks.  None of that bothers me.  This person was no different until he said one thing, “I know you white people!”  Until he said that I had no idea what color this guy is.  Still don’t for that matter.  I’ve never seen him – only talked to him on the phone.  And I’m not sure why he assumed I am “white”.  I am Caucasian, but why would he conclude that when he’s never seen me?  Personally, I don’t care if a person is plaid, from Mars, and worships Boulder the God of Rocks.  All the same to me.  I investigate whatever comes my way.  I’ve never had the race thing thrown at me personally, and when he did that I terminated our phone conversation.  There is a lot I’m going to miss about my job.  This type of thing is not on that list.  I’m sure we will hear from him again.

Remember the Russian election meddling that SCROTUS insisted, again and again, was “fake news”, “lies”, and a “witch hunt”?  Well, this week he tweeted (of course) that Obama knew about the meddling during his presidency and did nothing about it.  Ok, which is it?  Did the Russians meddle or not?  One cannot stop what is “fake” and not happening.  What this amounts to is an admission on the part of SCROTUS that Russia did, in fact, try to throw the election to him.  Of course, his supporters are saying none of the votes were really changed.  First, we don’t know that yet, and second, that’s not the point anyway.

I wish people would get off the thing about whether vote totals were changed.  The fact that Russia did anything at all trying to damage us, and very likely had an effect indirectly (propaganda), should be enough to continue the investigation by the special counsel and any other investigation that may be going on.  As for vote totals, SCROTUS lost the popular vote by at least 3 million even if Russia changed some of them.  He was not elected. He was appointed by the electoral college.  I consider this presidency illegitimate; not that it means anything – just my opinion.

There are many more questions about this administration than simply the Russians.  We must be patient.  Discovering the truth takes time.  In this era of instant communication and gratification, that is something many have forgotten.  And in the meantime, SCROTUS is destroying our country and has lost the respect of the rest of the world.

Until next week….


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