End of Week 263 – Two for the Price of One…


Well, up until last week I’d been gaining weight with no explanation since I’d been going to my workouts and watching my diet.  I did notice, however, that my lower legs and ankles were swelling, so I thought a lot of the weight might be fluid.  To battle that I started wearing my old pressure stockings again, and trying not to sit too long at one time.  After a while I could tell my body was letting go of more fluid than usual.  Then I got on the scale and had dropped 5 or 6 pounds!  Just goes to show we need to pay attention to all our bodily functions and parts, not just the number on the scale.

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY to all the dads I know – my husband, my step-dad, my brothers, my friends, and even my son, who has assumed a kind of unofficial part-time dad role regarding his fiancé’s little boy.  He’s doing a very good job.  He will be the first to tell you he learned from the best.  This week’s picture is my wonderful husband, who sometimes says he spent too much time working to be a good dad while our son was growing up.  My son begs to differ, big time.  Hopefully, someday Dad will realize he did a great job.

Today is also my birthday.  It is one of those birthdays that falls on Fathers’ Day.  Happens about every 7 years or so.  I’m to the point where I enjoy knowing I’ve made it another year, but am beyond making a fuss over it.  The main thing about turning 64 is thinking about the potential changes at 65.  It’s time to start planning for things like Medicare, since I’ll be retired before I reach 65.  It’s also time to double down on trying to get in shape and losing weight – easier said than done, but I’m determined.

On the political front, SCROTUS has confirmed that he is being investigated by the independent counsel regarding possible obstruction of justice.  Of course, he didn’t simply state this.  He sent angry tweets.  This would have been big news if it had not been for one thing.  Last week a homeless supporter of Bernie Sanders opened fire on a group of Republican congresspersons and staffers practicing for their annual ball game.  They were at a ball park in Alexandria, VA.

This horrific act had the usual effect of temporarily uniting the Dems and the Reps, but it didn’t last long.  Soon the republicans were blaming Democratic rhetoric for the shooting, saying they hope everyone on the other side will “tone down the rhetoric now”. They seem to forget all the rhetoric they spouted over the past 8 years, and all the name calling and insults currently being hurled at anyone who does not support SCROTUS.

They also do not seem to realize that the rest of us noticed there was no call for civility after a white conservative stabbed three people, killing two of them; or after a white conservative gunned down a group of black people at a bible study in a church; or after any of the other mass shootings that weren’t done by Muslims or immigrants or anti-SCROTUS liberals (like, pretty much all of them).  In fact, the conservatives have come to basically the same conclusions this time as in all the other times: All our problems will be solved when 1) Liberals quit opposing the conservatives and the current administration, and, 2) everyone decides to carry a gun.

It is amazing that the right thinks this tragedy demonstrates how everyone should “bear arms”.  I’m not suggesting banning guns.  That would not be practical or constitutional.  But what would be wrong with stronger background checks?  Or with closing existing loopholes? Or with limiting the size of magazines?  None of these actions would keep a normal, stable American adult from purchasing a firearm.

Now we wait to see what happens regarding the Mueller investigation.  Will SCROTUS try to fire Mueller?  Will he try to fire DAG Rosenstein?  Stay tuned….

Until next week….





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