End of Week 262 – Possibilities…


I’m writing this with Senator Lindsey Graham in my ears from Face the Nation.  He admitted that Russia probably tried to mess with our election.  However, practically every other sentence he uttered was some form of “The president did not collude with Russia.”  I think that’s for the special counsel to determine.  I honestly don’t know if anyone associated with Trump worked with the Russians to win the presidential election.  I have no doubt at all that people close to Trump and his campaign had some kind of dealings with the Russians – we just don’t know what those dealings were.

Of course, all this is because former FBI Director Comey testified before a congressional committee this past week.  He delivered no bombshells.  He had let it be known way before he testified that there would be none.  However, he did not shy away from saying SCROTUS and his henchmen lied about him, about the reason he was fired, and about how the rank and file employees at the FBI felt about him.

I watched the testimony. Part of the time, Comey was treated like a rape victim in court.  The GOP members of the committee asked him not about SCROTUS being inappropriate, but about why Comey didn’t do certain things to stop SCROTUS – in other words, victim blaming.  A man who is currently filling the role of President of the United States and was Comey’s ultimate boss said on more than one occasion that he wanted to talk to Comey alone, and the GOP committee members wanted to know why Comey didn’t just stand up to SCROTUS and tell him no??  It was nothing but political grandstanding on the part of the GOP lackeys.  Judging from posts and tweets I saw, many felt those asking these questions are the type of people who would ask a rape victim why she didn’t scream, why she was dressed the way she was, or why she didn’t “just run”.

The testimony was Wednesday.  By the end of the week SCROTUS had called Comey a liar in public.  No, he didn’t use that word, at least not during the press conference.  But when a reporter tried to pin him down, what the response boiled down to was Comey testified that SCROTUS said certain things, and SCROTUS said “I did not say that.”  That, by default, calls Comey a liar.

So, is Comey lying?  Is it possible?  Yes, but only because it is possible the Sun could turn purple; it is possible I could win the PowerBall Lottery; it is possible my two younger brothers could give up their fundamentalist Christian faiths and become Buddhists.  In other words, it all falls under the category of possible only because, technically, anything is possible.  If any of these things actually happened I’d be looking for the apocalypse.

The joke in all this (and let’s face it – there is always a joke where SCROTUS is concerned) is that SCROTUS has said he will stick by his story, in front of a congressional committee, under oath.  The joke is the “under oath” part.  Is he really not aware that it does not matter if he “swears to tell the truth”?  That most of us are not going to believe him anyway, because of his history of spouting “alternative facts”?  He probably isn’t.

There will be more acts to this drama this coming week.  Stay tuned.

Until next week….


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