End of Week 261 – Cats and Catastrophe…

From Phone March 2014 031

Happy Hug Your Cat Day!  Obviously, that is why I have posted this picture.  From the top, we have Mr. Sleuthy and Ms. Olyvia.  We love our cats.

I am getting back to harder workouts, slowly.  I got to the gym Tuesday through Saturday and made my private session on Friday.  When I woke on Friday morning I even felt pretty good – no bad aches and pains like my knees and shoulders usually deliver.  Made my session easier.

Otherwise, it has been a weird week. Catastrophe #1:  SCROTUS pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.  What’s scary about that is he thinks he knows about the environment.  What’s even scarier is that he wants to promote “clean coal” and he thinks he will put miners back to work.  There are problems with this way of thinking.  First, there is no such thing as clean coal.  Have they developed a coal that is a little cleaner than what was burned in the past?  Perhaps.  But burning any fossil fuel is going to be a dirty business and will deplete the planet’s supplies.  Fossil fuels are not sustainable.

Second, he will not be putting miners back to work in the numbers he anticipates.  SCROTUS thinks mining more coal means more jobs for miners, and it might, in a limited way.  What he does not seem to realize is that miners have not lost their jobs because we are trying to stop using coal, at least that’s not the main reason.  They lost their jobs because mining companies became more and more automated.  Our factories went through the same thing.  The more we use automation, the less we need the basic miner or factory worker.  We need people who can understand and use manufacturing and mining robotics.  What we really need is to retrain those in the fossil fuel industry to work in the areas of sustainable energy.

Third, many states, cities, industries, and individuals will not support using fossil fuels.  What will the coal industry do if there simply is no market for their product?  Already, several states and cities have declared they will follow the Paris Accord even if we do not as a nation.  Even individuals can participate.  I have solar panels on my roof.  I have an opinion I’ve already put out on Facebook – I think that later, when we have made some progress toward improving the environment despite his efforts to destroy it, SCROTUS will try to take credit for the results by saying that making everyone else do it on their own was always his plan.  He is very good at taking credit for the work of others.

Catastrophe #2: An attack that killed two men on an Oregon train.  The men were defending two women from a right-wing zealot (looked like a neo-Nazi, but I can’t be sure) and the zealot, who was shouting anti-immigrant rantings, stabbed the men to death.  A third man was injured.   Also, more attacks in London, seven dead.  Some were stabbed and some were victims of a rampaging van on London Bridge.  I won’t even go into how SCROTUS tweeted.  That is for another time.

Remember what I said last week about how human beings suck?

Catastrophe #3: This one is minor.  A member of my staff has decided she cannot abide the rest of us expressing our opinions about SCROTUS.  Having grown up in an environment that included healthy debate over just about anything, I guess I just don’t understand why anyone would want to restrict another’s freedom of speech.  I admit everyone in the area except this person dislikes SCROTUS.  We do, on occasion, enjoy a good discussion about him, especially when he does something stupid, which is almost daily.  Well, instead of jumping in and defending him, or just ignoring us (which is what I would do in that situation), this person complains about us to the part of State government to which our boss reports!!  Fortunately, the person to whom she spoke knows how to handle something like this in a low-key way, but it doesn’t matter.  The damage is done.

I have decided to retire, sooner rather than later.  It will be before the end of the year.  My husband wants me home – he wants us to have quality time together, before old age health issues dictate our every move.  I had pretty much already decided on this before the work complaint.  Having time with my husband is a good enough reason.  What this latest episode has done is remove any lingering doubt I may have had and solidified my decision.  I simply do not need to spend my time in an environment where I do not have freedom of speech, and where I have to watch my every word and action.  I’ve been at this for 28 years – enough is enough.

And you know what?  Now that I’ve really made the decision, it feels good!

Until next week….



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