End of Week 260 – Milestone and Memorial…


This entry may be a little different.  For one thing, this post marks five years I’ve been writing this blog.  No one reads it, but as I’ve said before, that’s ok.  I write it mostly for myself.  It allows me to vent about things that frustrate me, which can include anything from dieting and exercise to politics and the national scene.  Early on I was hoping the emphasis would be more on health, diet, exercise, etc.  It may still swing that way eventually.  However, right now the focus is on the horrible situation in our country and the man pretending to be president.  I can’t discuss these things with my husband since he is conservative (when he is not being totally apolitical), and voted for SCROTUS.  He basically says he doesn’t care.  That’s his right, but it leaves me with no one to talk to.  So, I express myself through this blog.  It has worked for 5 years now.

Another thing – this is Memorial Day weekend.  This week’s picture is obviously a military cemetery.  I post it for several reasons.  It is appropriate from the view of most people.  My opinion of this holiday, and other military based holidays, not so much.  Another reason I post it is that it reminds me of my father since he is buried in just such a cemetery.  Finally, I post it because it illustrates the point of my unpopular, politically incorrect opinion of these holidays since everyone in the picture is dead.

Armed Forces Day celebrates those currently serving in our military.  Memorial Day honors those from our military who have died, especially those who died while serving.  Veterans Day honors those who used to be in the military and are still alive.  Each time one of these days comes around we hear what the “true meaning” is and get lectured about remembering what they are about.

Sorry, but I just cannot get on board with all this.  Don’t misunderstand.  I mourn those lost to the futility of war and conflict.  I just can’t “honor” them.  That implies that what they had to do was acceptable, even preferable.  I can’t accept glorifying war.  I feel that if we owe our veterans, living or dead, anything it is an apology.  Man is the only species that kills its own for reasons other than sheer biological survival.  Sometimes bad things happen for reasons of survival, but an awful lot of what we have done to each other over millennia has been for other reasons.  Looking different.  Having a different religion.  Greed (that’s a big one!) – wanting territory beyond what is needed for survival; wanting another’s resources; wanting power.  Greed covers a lot of area when it comes to human beings.

The worst thing that ever happened to this planet is the development of the human intellect.  Our emotional and psychological maturity has not kept up with our intellectual progress.  We know a lot, but don’t know how to handle it.  Consider atomic energy.  We learned how to split the atom because we wanted a bigger and faster way to kill more people.  Good uses of atomic energy came later.

We often hear the cliché “Freedom isn’t free.”  My question is “Why not?”  I would be told it is because we have to defend our way of life.  Ok, but why?  Why does anyone want to take our way of life away?  Or do they?  No matter what reason one gives for fighting a war, there is always the question “Why?”.  And, with few exceptions, when one digs deep enough, the reason turns out to be something associated with human idiocy.  Even WWII, the last conflict with a truly definable evil, came down to the greed of those leading the Axis Powers.

So, to all those who fought and died, who are fighting now, and who are suffering because of human conflict (military or not) – I apologize on behalf of mankind.  I cannot say war and killing is a glorious endeavor, is necessary, or should be honored.  I remember you all as victims of human stupidity.  This is just my way of thinking.  I know I cannot change anything and human beings will always wage war.  However, I cannot be grateful that people engage in organized slaughter.  It is sad.

Until next week….


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