End of Week 259 – More of the same….


There isn’t much to say about diet and exercise.  Both are still going on.  Neither is making much if any progress.  I’ll keep trying like I always do.

Last weekend was Mothers’ Day.  Instead of posting my usual picture of Mom, I thought I’d post a picture of the view from her deck.  The chairs are empty, which is how I’ve been feeling lately.  Not sad or depressed.  More like not able to do things I want to do for reasons beyond my control – mostly financial.  I’d like to retire – really can’t afford it, especially regarding the health insurance.  I’d like to go back to college for an advanced degree – definitely can’t afford it and would rather not get into a lot of debt at my age.  Oh, well.

A lot has happened on the SCROTUS front.  The details are all over the news each day and there is no need to go into them here.  The upshot is SCROTUS is on a trip to the Middle East, while at home things are looking worse for him regarding Russia and obstruction.

The two most recent incidents that look like trouble both involve the former director of the FBI, Comey.  It seems SCROTUS, by his own admission, fired Comey because he would not let go of the “Flynn investigation”.  Retired Gen. Flynn was, for a short time, a White House security advisor.  He is being investigated for possible connections to Russia.  SCROTUS fired him for lying to the VP about those connections.  SCROTUS, however, likes Flynn and probably felt an investigation of Flynn might be a danger to his administration.  At some point he met with Comey and asked him to see his way clear to easing up on the Flynn investigation.  Comey is supposed to have written a memo that memorialized what was said.  Can you say obstruction?  If so, say it twice, because after that scene SCROTUS proceeded to fire Comey.

Some have said they knew the firing was coming.  I’m thinking maybe Comey’s job depended on his response to SCROTUS’ request to squelch the Flynn investigation.  Comey would not be corrupted, so SCROTUS got rid of him.  All this obstruction is bad enough, but then SCROTUS bragged about it to Russian officials visiting the White House during a meeting at which only Russian press was allowed.  He called Comey “a nut job” and said that the firing removed all the pressure he was feeling regarding any investigation of Russian connections.  If it weren’t for members of the administration who were officially taking notes for SCROTUS, we might never have known the truth since US press was barred from the meeting.

These most recent developments have led to what may be the most important event – the US Dept. of Justice has appointed a special counsel to conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation of this whole thing.  This SC will have the power to convene a grand jury and bring charges as called for.  Then the DOJ appointed Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI under both Democratic and Republican presidents, as the SC.  Everyone involved says Mueller is incorruptible, ethical, extremely knowledgeable, and the absolute best person for this job.  Sounds encouraging.

Next up, Comey testifies publicly in front of a Congressional committee after Memorial Day.

Until next week….



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