End of Week 257 – The Other Shoe….


Well, I missed a week because the other shoe dropped, as I mentioned in my last post.  It was at work.  The State decided to centralize control of all the web sites, so suddenly we could no longer update our information.  They also changed the design completely, and when they did they lost our current information and reverted to information dated February 16th.  They also severed several crucial links to forms that are needed by potential applicants for licenses and other members of the public.  We spent most of the last 2 weeks trying to fix all this stuff.  Things were finally back to normal late last Thursday.

The ribbon has been resurrected because Delaware lost a State Trooper in the line of duty around a week ago.  It was blatant and brazen, in broad daylight in a WaWa store parking lot in northern Delaware.  The person who shot the trooper not only shot him from inside his car, but then got out and shot him a couple more times – witnessed by a lot of people.  The shooter ran – his friend was arrested.  The shooter was later killed by police.  The trooper’s name was Cpl. Stephen Ballard.  At his funeral yesterday there were hundreds of law enforcement officers from all across the country – from anywhere from 36 to 48 states, depending on who you ask.

I am settling into my warm weather diet, despite the fact that it hasn’t been very warm lately.  I’m happy with that.  The longer the cooler weather hangs around, the longer we can go without our air conditioning.  It is nice at the gym.  The big roll-up door is open most of the time and it’s almost like exercising outside.  The warm weather diet has lots of broccoli for lunch.  Later I may try to have salads, but when I eat broccoli I don’t feel I must have dressing.  Will wants me to up my protein, so I try to have a little chicken sometimes.

SCROTUS and the Republicans in the House of Representatives are claiming victory because they passed a bill that repeals and replaces ObamaCare.  There are several problems with what they have passed.  It has to go to the Senate, and the Senate is not going to pass it the way it is currently written.  TrumpCare (yeah, that is what I’m going to call it) does not protect people with pre-existing conditions.  It says those people must be covered, but then it gives the states permission to tell insurance companies they do not have to cover these conditions.

In states that take that route, this will shove all patients with pre-existing conditions into what they call “high risk pools” where they can be charged many times more in premiums than “healthy” people.  The Reps and SCROTUS say the federal government will subsidize these high risk pools so that the premiums stay reasonable.  Problem is, that will take close to $200 billion.  They have set aside only $8 billion, and have not given any details about how any of this is going to be funded.  Older people, like me, who already can be charged up to 3 times more, will now be charged 5 times more – if this passes as is, which, fortunately, is unlikely.

The worst thing about TrumpCare is what it lists as a pre-existing condition.  I won’t go into the entire list.  Suffice it to say the fact that the results (physical and emotional/mental) of rape would be considered pre-existing conditions.  That should tell you how heartless this bill is.

Members of the US Senate on both sides of the aisle have already said they do not like the bill.  Promises ranging from changing it to scrapping it have been made.  I hope they stick by their word.

Until next week…



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