End of Week 255 – Earth Day


This week actually approached normal.  I watched what I ate.  I got to the gym regularly, including my Friday session.  Neither me nor my husband was sick (for a change).  Work was calm.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but maybe it is my turn for a little uneventful time.

Happy Earth Day!  Today’s picture is one of my favorite artist’s rendering of birds, but it also could be an example of what we don’t want to see.  The world’s birds having to sit in a dead tree under a polluted sky.  I’m sure the artist did not intend for me to interpret this work in that way, but the leafless tree and the color of the background made me think that direction.  Scientists are marching all over the world today, protesting the loss of research funding.  This is especially true in the US.  SCROTUS does not believe in global warming/climate change, and doesn’t think science is necessary unless it is doing something that will increase his wealth.

SCROTUS sent a carrier strike group to North Korea – at least that’s what he said he was doing.  The strike group, in reality, was thousands of miles from Korea, sailing in the Indian Ocean toward joint exercises with Australia.  SCROTUS cannot seem to keep track of anything.  Now he has fired the Surgeon General.  Knowing how he feels about anything that might benefit anyone but him, I keep thinking he is probably going to nominate the Marlboro Man for the position.

I’ve been getting SCROTUS’ tweets on my phone.  Here it is, Earth Day, and he hasn’t mentioned anything about the environment, taking care of the earth, or even something as basic as recycling and not littering.  I didn’t listen to his weekly address.  Maybe he said something, I don’t know.  But he relies on his twitter account for daily communication and the broadcasting of his “alternative facts”.  You would think he would at least acknowledge that it is Earth Day.  Of course, he is cutting all kinds of research budgets, so maybe he just doesn’t want to draw attention to what he is doing.  What?  SCROTUS not drawing attention to himself?  What in the world am I thinking??

This Earth Day is cloudy and wet and a little cool here in lower Delaware.  There are a lot of birds at my backyard feeders.  Mostly cardinals, wrens, and goldfinches.  The male goldfinches have donned their bright yellow clothes once again.  I’ve also seen some eastern towhees.  Almost all the trees are beginning to leaf out.

Oh, wow. SCROTUS just tweeted, “Today on Earth Day we celebrate our beautiful forests, lakes and land. We stand committed to preserving the natural beauty of our nation.”  First, the way that reads I seriously doubt SCROTUS wrote this.  It sounds like one of his more intelligent speechwriters or advisors.  Second, it is an outright lie.  Twitter has absolutely blown up with comments on this post. The vast majority saying exactly what I just pointed out.  Oh well.

Until next week….






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