End of Week 254 – Preparing again…


Happy Easter!  Of course, this is the theme for this week’s picture.  I am not religious, but I know many who are, and I hope they all have a wonderful holiday.  We celebrate with family in a secular way.

I got to the gym four days last week, but I was still getting rid of congestion, and was still on an antibiotic that gave me the runs, so I didn’t work out the way I like.  Now, however, I am feeling better.  I hope to start back with my regular workouts tomorrow morning.  Spring is a good time to start new plans and take new actions.

Looks like the warmer weather is here for good.  The male goldfinches have turned back to their bright yellow – a sure sign winter is over.  As I sit here, a red-bellied woodpecker is feasting on the suet.  A small lizard is sunning himself beside the fence.  Mourning doves are watching from the trees. My feeders are hosting cardinals, wrens, eastern towhees, and a downy woodpecker.  The trees that haven’t leafed out have buds.

We’ve had a few sunny days in a row with a few more to come according to the weather report.  I’ll be interested to see how our electric bill is affected now that our solar panels are operational.  I’ve been trying to keep the usage down.

This week the big news was the dropping of a “MOAB”, nicknamed the mother of all bombs, on a tunnel network in Afghanistan.  SCROTUS has been strangely quiet about it.  I expected him to try to take credit for the action, but almost immediately it came out that the general in charge had full authority to drop the bomb (without asking SCROTUS), and the bomb had been moved into the region months ago; in fact, during the Obama administration.  So, I guess it was difficult for SCROTUS to take credit.

This MOAB thing doesn’t bother me as much as us moving our naval strike force to North Korea.  North Korea scares me a hell of a lot more than the Syria/Russia thing (which is nothing more than a well rehearsed show now).  The leader of North Korea is certifiable.  I really think he would not bat an eye at launching nuclear weapons, even if it was only as far as South Korea.  He would do anything and wouldn’t care what the world thinks.

For now, I am just hoping to be able to start anew – eating well, working out, trying to save some money.  Just maybe getting back to normal or a little better.

Until next week….



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