End of Week 253 – Another opening, another show….


I had to skip a week, not that anyone will notice except me, but I don’t like missing.  Spent my time dealing with my husband in the hospital, my own illness, still going to work, planning for at least two additional surgical events for my husband, and the loss of a colleague at work.  I didn’t get to work out at all, but I plan on trying to start again Monday morning.  I can already tell it will be like starting all over, but it must be done.  At least I haven’t gained weight.  In fact, I’ve dropped 3 or 4 pounds.  And, my hip has stopped hurting.  Maybe I needed some time to heal.

This week I am displaying the ribbon of mourning for a few reasons.  A member of my area at work, who was under my supervision, passed away last weekend.  I’ve never had that happen before.  We knew something was wrong, but we had no idea how bad it was. It was a shock.

The ribbon is displayed for Don Rickles.

The ribbon is also for those affected by the terror attack in Sweden.  It was another case of driving a vehicle through people.  All I can do is send healing energy (my form of prayer).  Wish I could do more.

Finally, it is for the chain of events associated with SCROTUS, Putin, Assad, our Navy, and the Syrian people.  It started with SCROTUS when he announced that the US will no longer insist Assad be removed as head of the Syrian Government – a big change of position for us.  A few days later, Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against a Syrian village full of children.  Assad obviously felt secure after SCROTUS’ announcement.

Next, SCROTUS publicly says Assad has “crossed many lines” and “must go”.  It seems the killing of children via chemical weapons is where SCROTUS draws the line, so to speak.  The military comes up with a plan to respond; SCROTUS approves; WE WARN RUSSIA ABOUT WHAT IS COMING (THERE’S NO WAY THEY DIDN’T WARN THE SYRIANS); and two of our naval vessels fire cruise missiles at a particular Syrian military airbase, probably destroying whatever the Syrians left behind for show after the Russians warned them.  SCROTUS is now taking all the credit and basking in the glow of feeling like a badass.

This series of events has me torn.  First, I am conflicted on a very basic level.  In my mind this entire chain of events simply proves the only two rules I believe right now: We are the only species that kills its own (or anything else for that matter) for reasons other than sheer biological survival; and, The worst thing that ever happened to this planet was the development of the human intellect.  I spent part of this past week reading about and listening to reports about all this, and I felt regret deep in my core.  I felt as though I should apologize to all other life on this planet for the incredibly stupid and destructive nature of human beings.  This conviction is why I cannot join the ranks of those who constantly cry, “Honor our military (or veterans, or soldiers, or whatever term you wish to insert here)!”  I don’t hate them, I just cannot condone the idea of what ANY military is intended to do.  I can never glorify combat and war.

The reason this is a conflict for me is that no matter what I believe, I am still a member of this species, and that means I understand, intellectually, why people are reacting the way they are.  Everything I said in the above paragraph is true, but it’s almost like “It’s too late now!”  Humans are just too engrained in their destructive, greedy, malicious behavior to change now.  I mean, it’s been thousands of years.  All this idiocy is probably in our DNA.

So, Assad uses chemical weapons and SCROTUS responds (even if it was someone else’s idea).  Here I have a less basic conflict – I simply do not believe what SCROTUS is saying.

Point 1: SCROTUS makes a statement that lulls Assad into a security that prompts him to commit this war crime.  Once that happens, SCROTUS does an about-face??  Sounds contrived to me!

Point 2: Innocents die from chemical weapons, and SCROTUS is not ok with that.  However, he IS ok with them dying from constant, indiscriminate bombing by their own government and Putin?  Where was his outrage during all that?  I guess the children who died by chemical weapons are worse off than those who died by the bomb?  It’s not that what SCROTUS is saying is incorrect (yes, it was a war crime. yes, it was a horrible thing.); it’s that I do not believe that HE believes what he is saying.  I don’t think he really cares.  He is disingenuous.

Point 3: We have learned that we warned the Russians about the strike so they could get out of the way.  REALLY??  And we don’t think they warned the Syrians??  Oh, come on. I would say that anything we destroyed in that strike was left there on purpose for show except that 6 Syrians also died (I hate that).  Although, considering how Assad operates, it wouldn’t surprise me if he sacrificed them for appearances.

Point 4: It has been pointed out by me and others that SCROTUS is now appearing to anguish over the very group of people he branded as “full of terrorists” and the very people he is trying to keep out of our country.  He hasn’t given a shit before; why now?

So, where does all this lead me?  I think (and this is only my opinion) that this entire thing has been carefully orchestrated by Assad and Putin, with SCROTUS, to help boost SCROTUS’ approval ratings with the American people.  SCROTUS sets it up, Assad acts, we protect both by warning Russia, and then SCROTUS gets to play Billy Badass and  look tough and decisive to his supporters.

His supporters are eating it up.  I just hope no one else falls for his latest vaudeville act.

Until next week….



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