End of Week 250 – 250? Really??


This post marks the 250th week I’ve been writing this blog. I don’t think anyone reads it, but that’s ok.  It has become more like my diary – my place to vent when things in the world irritate me.  I guess it is a sign of the times.  Even personal journals are electronic now.  Of course, they aren’t very private that way, but I never say anything in this blog that I couldn’t say in public.  Even my rants against our current administration (and I use the word loosely) are fairly civilized – at least I think so.  So, I guess I’ll keep writing.  At least I know my son likes it.  He sits down and catches up on my entries every so often.

This week’s picture is one of my favorites.  I’ve used it several times.  It is in memory of my mother, who passed way March 9, 2013. She lived by that motto.

Both my husband and I are sick.  I have a sinus attack and he has a head cold.  Miserable stuff.  I managed to get to the gym all week, even my session on Friday despite being sick.  However, I am tired of not being able to make any progress on my weight.  I know Will does not like me to eat processed food, but the last time I lost any weight I was eating Weight Watchers lunches.  The only problem with them, really, is the sodium.  When the weather is warmer I may try greens and chicken again, but it is not salad weather at the moment.   We’ll see…

I missed a week writing on this.  During the two weeks that went by the issue of SCROTUS accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower was still a hot topic.  Only SCROTUS’ minions still support the story.  Everyone else, Democrats and Republicans alike, are screaming “put up or shut up”, referring to EVIDENCE.  Committees, the Department of Justice, and all manner of other official governmental people have announced that the charge is rubbish.  I cannot say this forcefully enough – SCROTUS owes Obama an apology.  More than that, it should be a public apology.

More important, however, is that we must realize this is SCROTUS resorting once again to his practice of distraction.  The issues of his Russian connections and his possible conflicts of interest are heating up, and he does not want the American public thinking about any of that.  The outrageous stuff he comes up with on Twitter is much more entertaining than what is really important.  Distract, distract, distract!!

Now we have a new big story.  SCROTUS has proposed a new federal budget.  As you might expect, this budget increases spending for the military and everything that makes SCROTUS look like a “strongman” type of leader.  He calls it an “America First” budget.  The problem is, the money is coming from programs that feed needy children, feed needy homebound senior citizens, and from anything that helps the environment or the arts and humanities.  Again, not surprising, but certainly infuriating.

All this, and he managed to piss off the leader of Germany, too.  SCROTUS has had a very busy and very destructive week.

Until next week….


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