End of Week 246 – Dreading…and Honoring Those Who Remember…


This week’s picture was taken just yesterday evening (Saturday).  A small herd of deer decided my backyard looked good for dinner.  There were nine deer; a couple of them were quite young.  They were all beautiful!  This happens a couple of times a year, and I just love watching them.  My mom used to put corn out on her property to feed these wonderful wandering animals.  When I see them here it is like my mom is visiting.

I did pretty well with both my eating and my exercising this past week.  I need to have 2 or 3 good weeks in a row and then see if there is any effect on the scale.  For what it’s worth, I gained back only a couple of the several pounds I lost while sick.  We’ll see….

I’ve found a new name for the pretender.  He will henceforth be referred to as SCROTUS, which stands for “So Called Ruler Of The US”. This is not original with me.  I got it from a Facebook friend, Don Elkins, and I’m not sure where he got it, but it is so fitting!  It appears SCROTUS needed an adoration fix, so he held a campaign rally (yep, that’s right, a CAMPAIGN RALLY. Like for 2020. Please, no!) in Florida.  He was tired of everyone calling him out on his public lies and missed the massive crowds cheering his every word – his ego needed reinforcement.  When he does this he reminds me of footage of every dictator I’ve ever seen.  They always staged performances where they spoke to large, seemingly adoring, crowds, and made sure there was lots of whatever coverage existed at the time.  In the case of SCROTUS the rally was carried live on TV and streamed live on-line, which is where I found it.

During this rally SCROTUS railed against immigrants, and referred to a horrible attack by terrorists that happened in Sweden.  Problem is, it never happened.  He was making the whole thing up. Or, he honestly believed it and is completely delusional.  I don’t know which scenario is more frightening.  Is he being deliberately dishonest as a distraction, or is he delusional and possibly mentally ill?  Either way, the United States is in real danger.  I just hope the good people of Sweden know that SCROTUS does not speak for the majority of Americans.  He certainly does not speak for me.

Today is the Day of Remembrance marking the 75th anniversary of the signing of the order that imprisoned American citizens of Japanese background during WWII.  I’m sorry, there is nothing anyone can say to me that will justify the broad-brush removal of their constitutional rights, their imprisonment in concentration camps (yes, that’s what they were), the seizing of their property.  This may have been before my time (a little), but ever since I was old enough to understand what it was I’ve felt this was one of the most under-discussed, and yet most horrifying and devastating, episodes of our history.

We often hear that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.  Unfortunately, I believe that SCROTUS is the type of egotistical autocrat who would issue just such an order (probably for Americans of Muslim background) on his own, for no good reason, or for a made up, twisted reason that in truth has nothing to do with American citizens.  It seems that we are sometimes doomed to repeat history whether we remember it or not.

Until next week….



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