End of Week 245 – Political Musings….


This week’s picture is one of my favorites. I often use it as a Facebook profile picture.  Of course, when I read it I am thinking of small good acts – acts of kindness or generosity or justice.  However, considering what has been happening politically in this country, this saying could actually go either way.  I’m beginning to think that small evil acts can also transform the world.  It is a scary thought.

First, of course, diet and exercise.  I tried my new eating plan using the protein bars and it went pretty well, but then I got sick.  Not due to what I was eating – I just caught an intestinal bug.  So, I don’t know if the fact that I dropped a few pounds was due to sticking to my eating and exercising, or just because I got sick.  I missed the gym on Friday due to my illness, but I made all my other workouts.  It will take more time to tell.

Back to the small acts.  We are beginning to see what life is becoming in the pretender’s America, and it’s not a pretty picture.  We wait, holding our collective breath, to see what new nonsense the pretender will “tweet” each day.  Between his tweets and his verbal offerings the press and the public are keeping the fact-checkers very busy.  Everything he says must be checked since so much of it is simply false.

Don’t take my word for it.  Go on any form of social media and you’ll see the results of others’ fact-checking.  One of the more recent examples was just last week when the pretender said, speaking of violent crime statistics, that murder is at a 47 year high.  Turns out just the opposite is true.  Murder is way lower now than it was 47 years ago, and it has been dropping for several years.  The pretender’s statement bears no resemblance to the truth, and his minions keep trying to convince the public otherwise.  The pretender just says whatever he thinks will advance his point of view, off the top if his head, without doing any research.

Of all the things there are to not like about the pretender, I believe his constant lying is the most troubling, at least to me.  This is because of what I’ve learned about history over the years.  My husband is very interested in Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII in general, and history in general.  Consequently I have, by default, been exposed to many documentary-type shows that discuss WWII and its major participants.  Understand that I am not one to go around comparing anyone with whom I disagree to Hitler.  I don’t feel it is appropriate.  That being said, one cannot help but notice that there are similarities between communication by Hitler and communication by the pretender.

Hitler made passionate speeches to the masses, but he didn’t have social media.  The pretender takes advantage of Twitter and our environment of 24/7 broadcast news.  Hitler shouted his beliefs at the top of his lungs, repeatedly, even though they were wrong.  He vilified certain groups and tried to turn the public against them. There were those who believed him right off the bat, and those who were convinced over time.  He was surrounded by “yes men” and others who tried to justify what he was saying and made excuses/reasons for him.  The result was the Holocaust and other atrocities that come with a world war.

The pretender uses modern communication systems such as Twitter to reach as many people as possible with his beliefs/lies.  He is trying to vilify the press/media and the judiciary, not to mention Muslims, Hispanics, and the poor in general.  He is surrounded by “yes men”, his minions, who put the “spin” on everything he says and never admit he is talking crap.  He has made no secret of the fact that he feels the president should be able to do whatever he wants without being checked by either Congress or the judiciary.  He wants to decide what happens and to whom, by himself, as the sole person in control.  SOUND FAMILIAR???

I mean, think about it.  Hitler convinced many in Germany that the Jews and a few other groups were to blame for all their problems.  The pretender is convincing his supporters that immigrants, the press, and the judiciary are to blame today.  This argument appeals especially to the mainly Caucasian, blue-collar segment of his supporters – both the good ol’ boy males and the subservient females.  What do they think?  That the pretender’s money is somehow going to rub off on them?  They are in for a rude awakening.

It seems we are sometimes doomed to repeat history whether we remember it or not.

Until next week….


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