End of Week 243 – Can’t keep up…


I love birds. In the wild, at my feeders, going about their daily struggle to survive. Anyone who knows me knows this. This sentiment runs in our family – we get it from Mom. Someone posted this artistic version of colorful birds on Facebook, and I saved it because I loved the design.  I’m sorry I don’t know the artist’s name, but they deserve all credit.

I exercised a lot this past week.  Didn’t make it on Wednesday, but managed to do my entire workout all the other days.  I am working on my eating; trying to up my protein and cut my carbs (down not out).  I’ve made some chicken for lunches and want to pair each piece with some broccoli.  We’ll see…

This past week has been active politically for everyone interested.  Each interested person either supports what the pretender is doing or is against it.  I have yet to meet someone who is truly interested and truly non-committal. There does not seem to be a “middle of the road” right now. The people I know who don’t take sides also are not at all interested.

Of course, I am a charter member of the resistance.  This week the pretender signed executive orders that called for an investigation of non-existent voter fraud and banning Muslims from 7 countries (only countries that do not have any business dealings with him) from entering the US.  While people were protesting this he also removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the director of national intelligence from the national security council.  He replaced them with Bannon, an advisor and former head honcho at an alt-right fake news source.  Oh, yeah, I’m sure a fake news expert knows all about protecting our nation.

One of the most frightening things about the immigration move is the pretender’s statement that not only is he banning Muslims, but Christians will get preferential treatment. So, the government is officially endorsing Christianity over other religions.  Can you say “unconstitutional?” What happened to the separation of church and state? We are not supposed to base our national policy decisions on people’s religions.

The press, with few exceptions, is not overly fond of the pretender.  The feeling appears to be mutual.  One of his minions actually said members of the press should keep their mouths shut.  Right. That’s gonna happen. The scary part of this is that the pretender apparently cannot abide any criticism or disagreement.  Everyone must agree with him, and everyone must accept and support that he is president.  Sorry, but that’s not how it works.

The pretender is surrounding himself with “yes men”  – and a few yes women; not many but a few.  He goes around proclaiming how great he is, and how wonderful his actions are, and his Greek chorus agrees so his “yuge” ego doesn’t get bruised.  Meantime, he tells the military he has their backs; then proceeds to remove the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs from the national security council. He places gag orders on agencies he suspects of not toeing the line.  In short, he is acting like a despot still trying to establish himself.

I’m sure there is more fun to come.

Until next week….


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