End of Week 242 – Intolerance…


Yes, I just had to post a picture of the Women’s March, but this is not WDC. This picture is from New York.  I wasn’t there.  Credit for this picture goes to one of the news sources, but I don’t remember which one.  It may have been CNN, but I’m not sure.  Worldwide, it is estimated 2.9 million people marched.  More than 500,000 in WDC alone, and close to that in NYC.  They were expecting 22,000 in Chicago and ended up with more than 150,000.  Many major US cities had their own marches, and marches were held on every continent – yes, even Antarctica.  I saw the picture.

I was not able to attend, but I followed it on-line and heard many of the speakers.  I didn’t always agree with them, but that’s ok.  The March helped me to feel a little better after the disaster on Friday, otherwise known as the pretender’s inauguration.  I didn’t watch it and it still managed to depress me.

It doesn’t matter how many people watched the inauguration, but I still had to chuckle when the inevitable comparisons surfaced.  It didn’t matter which set of pictures I saw, or what time they were taken.  It was obvious that there were a LOT more people at Obama’s first inauguration.  More important, the March had more than either one of them if you consider all the March locations.  I chuckled because I knew the comparisons would draw the ire of the pretender, either directly or indirectly.  Turns out it was both.

The pretender began directly by lambasting the press while speaking at the CIA.  The speech was a self-congratulatory, self-praising, press slamming load of garbage.  He even blamed the press for his feud with the intelligence services, despite the fact that the feud erupted from his verbatim quotes.  There isn’t much question about what he said regarding the information from the intelligence services about Russian hacking.

The indirect attacks are still going on.  I happened to find a live feed of Sean Spicer holding a press “briefing” yesterday.  It would more accurately be called a “dressing down” of the press.  I watched the whole thing live and I can tell you that it had a distinct resemblance to a temper tantrum by proxy.  Spicer looked uncomfortable to the extreme.  He said more people watched the pretender’s inauguration than watched any other inauguration, “period”.  Well, we already know that statement is not true.  No wonder he was uncomfortable.  He also informed the press corps that they were publishing lies and that “we won’t stand for it.”  I guess “we” is the pretender’s administration?  To be fair, I’m sure Spicer was just the messenger.

The next pretender surrogate was Kellyanne Conway.  She is still attacking, and I’m sure she will be for the next 4 years.  She smells personal power and is more than just a messenger.  Conway has been making the news/talk show rounds calling the lies spouted by Spicer “alternative facts”.  Welcome to the world of euphemisms.  She is also extending stern warnings to the press.

Keep in mind that no one really cares how big the inaugural crowds were.  If the pretender had just ignored the whole thing it would have blown over in a day or two and we all would have been waiting (dreading) to see which changes of substance are coming down the pike.  However, he did not take the sensible approach.  The pretender cannot abide criticism.  Anytime anyone says something that is unflattering, or makes it seem someone or something is better than him, he immediately goes on the defensive, usually in a very loud, forward, unattractive, and unconstructive way.  So, why are we taking note of these incidents?  Because this, sadly, is probably typical of the way the pretender is going to conduct business throughout his term.  He is one of those self-absorbed individuals who thinks screaming that something is incorrect loud enough and  often enough makes it true.

When I hear the pretender or his surrogates I get a knot in my stomach.  I’m old enough, watched enough historical footage, and read enough history to know that when they speak they sound a lot like many dictatorships.  Some have compared him to Hitler, but in truth most dictatorships sound the same – intolerant of any opposition or criticism.  We may be entering a very dark and dangerous time.

Until next week….



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