End of Week 241 – Just Get Me Through This Week…


This week’s picture is a cardinal (Duh!).  I just like my birds and I especially like my cardinals.  There are lots of them here now.  I’ve seen several pairs at the feeders.  So, this picture means nothing except that I like it.

Working out at lunch has become almost impossible.  I’ve also discovered that once I get into my work clothes I prefer to not have to change again.  So, I tried to get up a little early and get to the gym by 7am so I have time to do my whole workout before I go to work.  It worked well Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I am going to try it again next week, and hope this helps me plan my days.  Once we get back into daylight savings time I may try to go after work.  I just hate the size of the after-work crowd, so we’ll see.

Eating has gone fairly well.  In this cold weather I prefer hot food so I am doing my veggies thing (steam in the bag) for lunch.  I need to get some advice from Will about breakfast.  Breakfast is the meal I can’t figure out.  Everything about breakfast, except eggs, is centered on carbs.  I need more protein and less carbs, but I don’t want to eat eggs every morning.  My vegan protein shakes would work, but I also like something I can chew.  Sounds like the key is variety.

This week is going to be weird.  Monday is a holiday (MLK Day).  At least I won’t have a problem getting to the gym. Tuesday is the inauguration of our new governor, and that means for a good portion of the day every street in Dover will be closed off and there will be no parking for anyone, including the many State employees who are still expected to work that day.  My office is not up in the middle of town, thank heaven!  We have our own parking lot.  I also get to visit my dentist Tuesday for a cleaning – oh, joy.  Wednesday I have to interview people for a position in my area.  Thursday there is an appointment.  Friday is listed as the day of the presidential inauguration.  I am observing it as a National Day of Mourning. This is not just in my head.  It is actually being pushed nationally by the opposition, of which I consider myself a member.  I wouldn’t watch this inauguration anyway, but I will be at work so it doesn’t matter.

It has gotten to the point that there is too much to say about the pretender.  Each time he does something it gets a little more embarrassing.  He didn’t like what Congressman John Lewis of Georgia said about him, so the pretender tweeted (as he tends to do) that Lewis has not done anything for his community while in Congress.  Instead of stopping at that, the pretender then said the district is falling apart and crime-ridden; in terrible shape.  Well, that was all the residents of that district needed to hear.  They were outraged, and rightly so.  Tons of tweets with photos of their nice houses, churches, and other places in the district are being posted.  The pretender simply does not know when to shut up.

I hope next weekend sees lots of news coverage of the various protest marches that are planned for the day after the inauguration.  I can’t attend, but I will be with them in spirit.

Until next week…


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