End of Week 240 – Yep, It’s Winter….


This week’s picture is from yesterday (1/7/17) morning.  We had quite a snowstorm.  It was worse to our south, but bad enough here.  Today the sun is out, but it won’t help much since the temps have taken a dive.  At least it isn’t windy.  Once again nature demonstrates that there is no blue like the blue of the sky after a snow.  Each time a breeze or animal shakes the tree branches the snow falls off in fine crystalline sheets.  It is a very dry snow.  In a couple of days it is supposed to be close to 60.  Funny.

I got to the gym everyday but Friday – missed my session unfortunately – but only once per day.  I just had too much work to catch up after vacation.  I’m hoping to get back to normal this coming week.  Eating has been a challenge, but not a disaster.  The scale has been going the wrong direction, but only a little and nothing I can’t correct.  I may shovel our driveway some – that would be today’s workout.

We are in that quiet, ominous time between one important event (the election) and another (the inauguration).  Well, as quiet as it can be with the pretender constantly tweeting and making cabinet appointments that amaze.  Nature abhors a vacuum and so does the pretender.  He has spent much of this time denying Russia is hacking our cybersystems, taking credit for the work of others, and having hurt feelings over those who use him as a source for satire.  Sorry, T, but you just make it too easy.  I’m trying to wait until I can see what executive/legislative actions are on the horizon once everyone is in place after 1/20.

I will not watch the inauguration.  I consider it a national day of mourning and will dress and act accordingly.  At least I’ll be at work – that will help.  The really bad part of this is once the pretender is sworn in we all have to hope he stays in office at least the full four years.  The only thing that could be worse than the pretender would be “President Pence”.

Until next week….



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