End of Week 239 – Happy? New Year…


Hmmm.  Picture seems a little oversized, but whatever.  This week’s picture is of a beautiful hand-painted ornament that my son and his fiancé gave me for Christmas.  He knows that in our family hummingbirds represent my mother.  They also gave me a set of 6 clear ornaments with cardinals painted on them.  They know I love my birds!

2017 is here.  Oh joy.  Everyone else is saying how they are so glad 2016 is gone.  Admittedly, it has been a sucky year in a lot of ways, but there were good things as well.  Mostly on a personal level – my son got his Masters, has a fiancé, bought his first house.  We are still waking up on this side of the grass and have the necessities of life.  I am still employed and my husband found a better part-time job than the auction.

My son and I both still belong to the gym.  For my main Christmas present my husband was able to buy another set of my training sessions, and we bought some for our son and extended his membership.  It is great to have a way to work out without worrying about when we have to pay.

So, while 2016 was rough on celebrities and disastrous politically, there was enough good for me to feel grateful.  Perhaps 2017 will be that way as well, but I fear what it may bring.  As of January 20, 2017, as far as I am concerned, the executive branch of our federal government ceases to exist.  We will not have a president, a cabinet, or presidential advisors.  Oh, there will be individuals thinking they are performing those jobs in WDC.  I simply do not recognize them, especially the person who will be pretending to be president.  This does not mean I will be ignoring them.  I fully intend to pay very close attention to everything they do and say, after the inauguration – that I refuse to watch.  I will be participating in the national day of mourning along with the rest of the resistance.  I am officially a member of the opposition.

And once the pretender has started his performance, what then?  I am worried for our personal rights; I am worried for immigrants, legal and illegal (since I don’t think the pretender knows the difference); I am worried for everyone (and this includes me and my family) who falls below the exclusive 1% club since the pretender’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” really means “Make America Rich, White, and Male Again”.  But most of all, I am worried about how the pretender seems to be best buddies with Vladimir Putin.

Don’t misunderstand.  I have nothing against the country of Russia.  In fact, if Russia had decent, reasonable leadership I would enthusiastically support becoming stronger allies with them.  Putin, however, is neither decent nor reasonable.  He authorized the hacking of our computer systems specifically to help elect the pretender.  I don’t think they actually changed any votes or messed up voting machines directly, but I do think they orchestrated the release of stolen information, and I truly believe the intent was to ensure Clinton did not win.  The emergence of the pretender may simply have been good luck for Putin, but he would have worked just as hard to defeat Clinton, regardless of who the Republican candidate was.

The pretender is making public statements that deny Putin’s/Russia’s involvement in US hacking.  He says he knows things about it no one else knows.  Well, sure he does.  He probably has a direct line to Putin already, and they have to coordinate their efforts before the pretender can say anything extensive.  The pretender has not been receiving security briefings (by his own admission) so how else could he “know” something no one else does?  It has to be communication with Putin – at least that is my opinion.  It is also my opinion that his dismissal of our security experts in favor of Putin is treason, but I’ll leave that question to the experts.

No, 2017 does not appear to be shaping up as an improvement over 2016.  I think it will be worse, but different.  All we can do right now is watch and wait.

Until next week….


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