End of Week 238 -Another year in the books….


Yes, I am once again featuring my mom.  Today is Tuesday.  Her birthday is Thursday, the 29th.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to her not being here.  She would have had some great insights regarding today’s political landscape!

Well, I got through Christmas without too much damage to my weight.  I ate whatever the holiday meals offered, but I had small portions and did not go for seconds.  I did not get to the gym Christmas Eve, Christmas, or yesterday due to holiday obligations.  However, I did go this morning and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes on various pieces of equipment and with the free weights.  It felt great!

We are in the week between Christmas and New Years.  I am on vacation because I refuse to give the time back to the State.  This is a nice week to take – no Christmas pressure and it all leads up to my wedding anniversary on January 2nd (number 36!).  I need to relax a little.  Do some reading.  Do some writing.  I’m not even worrying about looking at my 2016 resolutions.  I remember what I wrote down and I did fairly well keeping about half.  I did not get to walk a 5K, but I did keep up with my exercise.  I wrote this blog regularly – I’d still like to expand my writing.  I have not improved my weight, but I did keep nutrition in mind all year.  I have simply relabeled the list for 2017.  It is still full of the things I’d like to do for myself.  Why remake the wheel?

I’ll keep this short and try to post again this weekend.  Still have some things to do.

Until this weekend…


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