End of Week 236 -A country in chaos…


Yesterday I noticed my birds did not come to the backyard feeders.  This morning they seem to be back, especially the cardinals.  I’m glad to see them.  Today seems to be the day for cardinals, black-capped chickadees, and tufted titmice.  Not sure why they disappear sometimes.  It may have to do with the stray cats wandering around.

The scale is going the wrong direction.  It is very frustrating.  I can’t figure out why.  Sure, it’s the holiday season, but I haven’t made my fudge yet, or baked any cookies.  We haven’t had anything different for dinner, and my office eating is the same.  I’ve been going to the gym like always; made my Friday session.  Sometimes I think our bodies simply know when it is fattening food season!

My husband and our son are trying to get our tree up in the living room.  Each year something gives us a problem.  This year it is the tree stand.  The tree simply would not stay straight.  Ok, now it sounds like they conquered the problem.  Our tree is up.  Our decorations are mostly special with family history significance.  And lights.  Lots of lights.  He still hasn’t decorated outside.  I still miss it.

The country’s transition into the age of King Cheeto the First is as scary and unusual as you might expect.  All his cabinet appointees are known for positions (if they have any experience at all) that favor big business, fossil fuels, the upper one percent of society, and the King.  Everyone can see us heading back to the time of letting the rich get richer and to hell with the middle class and the poor.  To a time of what we used to call trickle down economics – if the rich get richer they will give all us peons jobs and the good economy for the rich will “trickle down” to us.  WRONG!  It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work now.

That is only part of the story.  The strangest thing happening now is the Russia story.  The CIA and others in the intelligence community are reporting that there is hard evidence that Russia hacked systems in the US, including the DNC and the RNC, and manipulated the release of information in such a way as to benefit the King Cheeto campaign.  They say they have proof that Russia deliberately released democratic information and deliberately did not release republican information.  At the same time this was coming out King Cheeto moved a person with long and close ties to Russia/Putin (Tillerson) to the top of the list of candidates for Sec of State.  Face it, folks.  We are going to become puppets of Putin with cities as choked in smog as in China.

I also read that a republican senator has introduced a bill that he claims will permanently save Social Security, but does so solely by massive cuts in benefits.  Remember Logan’s Run?  It involved a society where no one lived past 30.  Why do I get the impression that everyone thinks that if we could just kill off all the baby boomers everything would suddenly be ok with our economy?  I was born smack in the middle of the baby boom generation, and I feel like I am supposed to feel guilty that I have lived long enough to expect to receive that into which I have paid all my working life.  Well, excuse me (and the rest of us) for being born!  It’s not like we had a choice.


Until next week….





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