End of Week 235 – Another December…


Well, tis the season.  This is about the extent of our decorating.  Well, that’s not quite fair.  There is some stuff on the piano and our sparkly angels are out in the living room.  Next weekend we will get our tree.  What we don’t have are the outside decorations.  My husband simply decided he didn’t want to mess with them.  From the outside the house is dark at night.  I don’t think he understands how disappointed I am with this.  One of the things I love about Christmas is driving home from work in the evening and seeing our outside lights.  Not this year.  It is an empty feeling.  I’m just trying to get through the season this year.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand his thinking.  The outside decorations are down in the basement and that is a steep and narrow stairway.  It is difficult to carry things up and down.  Our son is no longer here to help.  He would if we asked, but my husband has not suggested that.  I get the feeling he does not want to be one of those older people who keeps asking his grown kids for help.  Part of that, I suppose, is knowing your limitations.  I could handle bringing stuff up if it weren’t for my stupid knees.  Overall, I’m plenty strong, but my knees hurt on stairs.  Aging sucks.  It beats the alternative, but it still sucks.

Eating was more under control this week.  I switched to bags of frozen veggies for lunch, but I think I’m going back to the dark green salads.  They are easier on the digestion.  I’ve baked, bagged, and refrigerated four pieces of chicken to use during the week.  I’m trying to increase my protein.  Lunchtime exercise was still spotty due to hectic work and other schedules, but I got to the gym each morning early and made most of the lunchtimes.  I had my session with Will on Friday, and worked out on Saturday morning.  All in all, not too bad.

There is supposed to be a Women’s March (the official name is “Million Women”) in Washington DC the day after the Cheeto’s inauguration.  Inauguration is 1/20, the march is 1/21.  I wish I could go, but I doubt I’ll be able to.  It will be huge, and very hard to get in and to leave, and with this country’s luck, it will be freezing.

We are progressing in our switch to solar panels for electricity.  It has been an interesting process.  We are going to be leasing the solar panels.  Our monthly charge will be a fixed amount, regardless of how much power we use.  If we don’t use much, the excess production is sold back to our power company and they give us credit for unused kilowatt-hours.  The plan has been drawn up and has to be ok’d by our power company. Then the physical work begins.

The misleading, dishonest manipulation of our  news sources has already begun with the Cheeto.  This week he took credit for “saving 800 jobs” in an Indiana Carrier plant.  He claims he was the reason they will not be moving to Mexico.  Some things he didn’t mention?  First, he had nothing to do with what happened.  It was the tax incentives offered to the company by Indiana.  Second, there are still 1300 jobs from the same plant that ARE STILL moving to Mexico.  So, the rest of Indiana has to pay (to make up the cost of the tax incentives) for the privilege of losing jobs anyway.

It might be a little easier to listen to the Cheeto’s hot air if most of the merchandise sold by companies bearing his name were made in the US, but most of it is made overseas.  What a hypocrite!

Until next week….


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