End of Week 233 – Settling? Not Sure.

Purple Tree

This week’s photo has been seen here before.  I’m using it as a symbol of the quieting of the mind – something we all need now after the disaster called the presidential election.

First, however, diet and exercise.  As usual, the scale isn’t budging.  It is not moving up or down.  If I ever really lose any weight and need to maintain, I should already be an expert!   I am trying to change my eating again – need more protein and fewer carbs.  Not NO carbs, but fewer.  Since I am still eating dark greens in my lunch salads I am getting a fair amount of veggies.  I need to snack on protein – hard to do, what with preparation time and cooking meat.  I still have my protein shake mix but I find I need something I can chew.  Still looking.  The mix may be ok for snacks, just not for regular meals.

Exercising, as usual, is going better than eating.  I love working out, love my sessions with Will.  This coming week may be spotty since Thanksgiving is Thursday, but I’ll be ready for my session on Friday morning!  Monday through Wednesday should be business as usual.

I’ve been looking at my news feed on Facebook.  There are quite a few posts about He Who Shall Not Be Named, HWSNBN Jr. (Pence), and the various names being floated as cabinet appointees.  I’ve shared quite a few of them without comment – something I don’t usually do.  I think it’s a matter of turn about being fair play.  The same people who flooded my newsfeed with anti-Clinton memes for months and months prior to the election are now saying we should not express our opinions because they “won” the election through the electoral college.  According to them, we are supposed to just sit back, accept the result, and join with them in approving whatever they want to do.  The cliché festival has started.
“We are all Americans.”  “We are all on the same team.”  “He is going to be your president.  Accept it.”  And the name calling has continued (something they were expert at prior to the election).  “Crybabies”

WRONG!!  They don’t get it.  Although, if the true results of the election were recognized I think they would suddenly get it.  First, HWSNBN will never be MY president.  On January 20 he will be sworn in as THE president, but whether he is MY president is entirely up to me.  I’m not the type of person who would ever be in the presence of this symbol of pseudo-royalty so accepting or acknowledging him is not something I have to do.

Second, non-acceptance does not mean I will ignore.  I am a charter member of the opposition, and for the next four years minimum we will be living by the old saying, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”  We all plan to pay very close attention to everything this man says, every idea he floats, every move he makes.  We plan to fight, and we plan to challenge for the Congress in two years, and the White House in four years.  It may work or it may not, but this is the way our republic functions.  The opposition does not capitulate; does not lay down and die.  It fights, regardless of which side is in the role of the opposition.  This time it is our turn.

Many people are frightened about what this new administration might be able to do with a Republican controlled Congress.  Can’t say I blame them, but I’m hoping that many of the congressional Republicans are not in the same camp as those currently being touted for cabinet posts.  I’m not that worried about HWSNBN by himself.  It’s the influence of others on him that scares me.  HWSNBN is an entertainer and spent the entire campaign saying anything he thought would play to his crowds, as evidenced by all the backpedaling he did immediately after the election.  The people we really have to watch are those around him.

For now, however, it is time to try to quiet the mind.  We are in that “twilight zone” period – after the election but before the inauguration.  I would love to be in DC that weekend.  Not for the inauguration, but for the Million Women March the following day.  More on that later.  We all need to catch our breath, and we better do it now.  In a couple of months the real battles begin.

Until next week….



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