End of Week 231 -It’s Almost Over…


Yep, my mom is back!  I’m posting her picture since this month, November, is when we try to bring attention to research into curing blood cancers, such as Multiple Myeloma.  I miss her terribly, but we carry on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve been eating.  I know something has to change, but I’m just not sure what or how.  It’s not a matter of what food to eat.  It’s more figuring out how to eat what I already know are the right things while living with a man who does most of the cooking and is not fixing what I need.  Too many carbs, not enough veggies.  He’s pretty good about protein.

At least I’ve been good about exercising.  Being a creature of habit, I’ve established a routine that works pretty well.  This coming week may be spotty since I have things I have to do out of town two days, but I’ll do my best.

The Cubs won the World Series!!  We stayed up and watched the final game.  The next day was a challenge, but it was worth seeing something that hasn’t  happened in 108 years.  I feel good for the people of Chicago.

Wish I felt good about the presidential election.  The FBI is trying to throw the election to Trump.  How much money was received by whom for this is anyone’s guess.  Trump was hustled off stage in Nevada when some idiot yelled “gun” because he could not keep a protester from raising his anti-trump sign.  All the Trump surrogates and handlers pushed the story of an attempted assassination all over the media. Turns out the protester was not only unarmed, he was a REPUBLICAN who simply does not support Trump.  He explained all this publicly.  Again, the Trump people appear to be deliberately misleading everyone.

And it is working if the polls are any indication.  Numbers are tightening.  I can’t wait for all this to be over, and I think most people  feel the same.  If Trump wins it will be a combination of the Democrats not getting out the vote and Trump’s people stealing the election through misinformation and intimidation. That, and the incomprehensible way so many voters in particular groups seems to want the US to go back to 1950, including the way that time treated women.

Well, I’m going to do the only thing I can at this point.  On Tuesday I will vote for Hillary Clinton and pray Trump does not win.

Until next week…..


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