End of Week 230 -Change Is The Only Constant….


This week’s picture is of my Aunt Carol Lee (on the right) and my Aunt Trudy.  They have birthdays very close together this month, and I love them both dearly!  Happy Birthday to two beautiful ladies!!

It has been a fragmented week.  My normal schedule had a lot of interruptions that kept me from the gym a couple of lunchtimes, but I made it every morning and I still had my session on Friday.  I’m off Monday (tomorrow) and will try to work out early in the morning, then I have a vet appointment for Olyvia in the morning and a visit from an electrician in the afternoon.  At least I won’t be jumping and running from the office like last week.

We are trying to convert our home to solar power.  There is no way we could afford to buy solar panels, so we contacted a company called Solar City.  They are trying to establish themselves as a power company, much like the typical Delaware Cooperative, or Delmarva Power.  However, all the Solar City power is produced by houses they have converted to solar panels.  Each home becomes a power producer for them.  At times, the system produces more power than the home needs, and the excess is sold to companies like the Co-op and Delmarva.  When that happens, the homeowners get credit and their bill goes down.  Our roof has been deemed perfect for the panels (lots of sun exposure) and tomorrow the electrician will inspect our switch box.  Shouldn’t be problem since we had it rebuilt after we moved in to the house.  Not sure how long it takes to get the system permitted and built, but I’m anticipating a turn-on date maybe in January?  We’ll see….

I wish we could go a week without political drama, but I guess that will have to wait until after the election.  This week it was Comey, the director of the FBI, sending a vague and poorly worded letter to Congress saying the FBI will be reviewing some more supposedly Clinton-involved emails.  The news media (TV mostly) took the letter and started reporting that the entire investigation was being “reopened” and all sorts of other false things.  This came out shortly after it was announced that Trump had given his own campaign $10 million.

Question: How much of that money went to people who could arrange for Comey to make this announcement just at this particular time – less than 2 weeks before the election?  The US Department of Justice even warned Comey that he should not insert the FBI into the election.  This has all the earmarks of election rigging, but with Trump’s people doing the rigging!

So, when Trump shouts that the election is rigged, he should know because it’s his camp that is responsible!  Who investigates the investigators??

One thing for sure, most people (me included) can’t wait until this election is over!

Until next week….



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