End of Week 229 – To Hell With Politics. This is BASEBALL!!


Had a good week working out.  Stuck to my eating plan.  Will and I were talking about my walking distances.  He suggested I start walking the office complex where the gym is located.  Now that the heat is gone I may start doing that.  Even though cool weather has arrived (wow, has it ever) I am still going to try to stick to salads with chicken for lunch.  I really want things to start changing regarding my weight.  Just have to keep trying.

So, the third debate is over.  Trump is setting the stage for blaming a “rigged election” in case he loses in November.  He will not commit to accepting the outcome, unless he wins.  Everyday there are more leaks and “revelations” about both candidates, none of which I take seriously.

WHO CARES??  Two much more important events happened this week.  First, the Cleveland Indians won the American League pennant and a ticket to the World Series – the first for them since 1948 I think.  Second, just last night, the CHICAGO CUBS won the National League pennant and the right to face Cleveland in the WS.  That’s right – the Cubbies!!  The first WS for them since 1945.  They haven’t won it all since 1908.

As anyone who has read this blog at all probably realizes, I am a life-long and die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan.  Unfortunately, they did not even make the playoffs this year, and believe me when I tell you most of their fans are not used to that.  However, St. Louis fans are known for one thing above all else – Class!  The rivalry between the Cards and the Cubs has a long and honored history due to geography and the fact that they are in the same league.  Both teams are among the oldest in baseball.

I’m sure most Cards fans are now tipping their hats to the Cubbies in acknowledgement of their accomplishment.  I know that I am looking forward to following the World Series because I love to see history made.  No matter who wins what, history will be made.  However, I know I will probably root for the Cubs.  I am a national league fan, and part of one of the oldest rivalries in baseball.  If it can’t be the Cards, then I want it to be the Cubs.

I was so happy to be watching the game on TV last night when the Cubs clinched the pennant by turning a double play at the top of the 9th.  The WS starts on Tuesday in Cleveland.  The last hurrah for the boys of summer; the Fall Classic.  PLAY BALL!!

Until next week….



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