End of Week 228 -Fall Has Arrived…

The air is cooler; the sky is approaching winter blue; and as you can see in this week’s pictures, the marigolds are blooming.  Fall has arrived.  We may still have a warm spell or two, but now a warm spell means upper 70s or 80, and for only a couple of days.  This makes working out more enjoyable.  The gym is wide open.  It is almost like being outside.  When I’m on the elliptical I can feel the breeze going through.  It’s so much nicer than having to close things up and run the air conditioning.

We need to cut our grass one last time, but the belt on the riding mower snapped again.  We just had it fixed not that long ago.  This is driving my husband crazy.  I’m irritated because not only is the riding mower not living up to its standard of quality; the person who fixed it earlier obviously didn’t do a very good job.  It is difficult to find people who want to do good work these days.

The last presidential debate is next week.  I’ll be so glad when it’s over!  Everyone is pretty tired of this campaign.  If it’s not sexual shenanigans with Trump it’s ethics questions with Clinton.  This has been just a lot of mud-slinging.  At first Clinton tried to stick to the issues and take the high road, as they say.  She is still trying to do that, but considering the condescending bullshit being spouted by Trump, she has no choice but to take advantage of things that come out about him.

And it’s not just Trump; it’s also his offspring like Donald Trump Jr. who said in 2013 that if women can’t handle sexual harassment they don’t belong in the workplace.  Half a dozen women have come forward to say the senior Trump’s treatment of them was sexual harassment.  On another topic, Trump Sr. made fun of the NFL’s efforts to curb the occurrence of concussions.  He called the rules “soft” and called a concussion “a little ding on the head.”  I think maybe he should talk to some former players who are now having memory and other mental problems due to those “little dings on the head.”

I’ve said it before – I decided for whom to vote like any good hiring manager would.  I’m voting for the person with the best resume for the job, and that is not Trump.

Oh a happier note, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature!  I think this is great and speaks very highly of the Nobel committee and their perception.  I believe it indicates an open-mindedness we may not have seen before.

I am getting more serious about retirement.  I need to look at my numbers again.  The State just gave us a 1.5% raise, but that is after years of nothing (and even going backward one time) and is more than used up by increases in our insurance premiums, copays, and other expenses.  Since our retirement pay is determined by our “high 3” years’ salary, I do not see that staying year after year will help my payments.  We just aren’t getting enough for it to make a difference.  What will increase if I wait a couple of years is my social security payment.  The difference between now and 3 years from now (my full retirement age) is around $400 per month.  The other thing I must consider is medical coverage.  I’d have my current coverage until 65 when I would have to go on Medicare, but I need to see if anything would change before that, like my part of the premium (which is almost nothing since my husband and I are both State employees – something they call a “dual State couple.”)  Lots to consider.

I’m beginning to think about some other questions regarding aging.  I’m wondering how long we will be able to stay in our home.  It’s not the house.  I think I can get work done that will let us stay in the house longer, like move the washer and dryer out of the basement.  The house, however, sits on two acres of land.  How long can we afford to fix/buy riding lawn mowers?  I am trying to keep myself fit.  My husband, however, seems to be discouraged in that area.  I just don’t know how things will turn out.

Until next week….




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