End of Week 227 – I Don’t Like Trump, but Really??


This week’s picture is from Heathsville, VA.  We just got back from taking a trip there to cut the grass.  The yard is a thing of beauty once again.  This view is from the back deck and looks out over a pond that was formed to one side of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  This was my mother’s favorite view, and I think we will keep it nice as long as the property is in the family.

It has been another weird week.  I got to most of my workouts, but had to take one afternoon at the Blood Bank to get tested for HLA (human leukocytic antigen), and then travelled on Friday and Saturday.  I’m hoping to get my act together this coming week.  We’ll see….

While we were in Virginia the video/sound recording of Donald Trump talking about his mistreatment of women broke on the news.  My only comment was, “Well, I certainly hope no one is surprised.”  My stepfather, who still lives in the home he shared with my mom when she was alive, is a die-hard conservative and would never vote for a Democrat, but even he says Trump is a disgrace.  He still won’t vote for Hillary, but he doesn’t like Donald either.  I really feel most intelligent, rank and file Republicans realize Trump is a disaster.  They have been put in an uncomfortable position.

So, just who truly supports Trump?  From what I’ve seen in reports, and noticed on social media, those who really like Trump are not very well-informed and tend to believe his overly general pronouncements.  When he says all immigrants are evil, and that he is going to make Mexico pay for a border wall, and that all minorities are living in Hell-like conditions – in slums and unemployed; and all the other things he has spouted; these people eat it up.  Why?  They say Trump speaks plainly and tells the truth.

What I see is a group of white men who have become uncomfortable with the progress made by various minority groups in business and government.  The older ones remember the 50s and want to return there.  The younger ones feel they have experienced the same discrimination that minority groups always talk about.  As I mentioned last week, in the Trump camp “Make America Great Again” really means “Make America Rich, White, and Male Again.”

So, why do we see some women supporting Trump?  I’m not sure, but it might be they are following someone else’s opinion; or maybe they like the idea of becoming isolationist and having someone else (men) responsible for making all the decisions and being in charge.  In other words, they also like the idea of the 50s.  Unfortunately, not all women have embraced the idea of thinking for themselves.  Then again, some may simply be so conservative that they feel they must support Trump if only because they cannot support a Democrat (much like my stepfather).

However, none of this explains why so many blue-collar, working class men support Trump.  Again, I’m not sure, but thinking about it I feel when these people look at and listen to Trump, they see someone who is fulfilling their life fantasies.  For some reason, they feel that if Trump is in charge they will also somehow become rich and powerful.  They look at Trump and see themselves as they wish they could be. It’ll never happen, but they don’t seem to realize that.

They are voting for an impossible dream; for a man who blames anyone who is not white and male for all their problems.  If he wins, they are going to be very disappointed.  Life will not change; just as it will not change much with Hillary.  It takes more than the president to make things happen.

In any case, I’m not watching the debate tonight since I already know for whom I am going to vote.  I’ve always said the debates will not change any minds among those who have already decided.  I just want to get to November and get this over with.

Until next week….


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