End of Week 226 – I can’t wait….


This has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I’ve been dealing with my son’s travel problems, my husband’s eye problems, my work staff’s medical problems, my pets’ maintenance issues, and other things.  All this has pushed my own well being – diet, exercise, etc. – way down the list.  I got to most of my workouts, and I’ve stuck to my dark greens salads for lunch at work, but I’ve also been in a number of situations where I did not have much control over what was available to eat.

It has been a very wet week, and it is race week in Dover. Now, on Sunday, the sun is finally making an appearance, just in time for the Sprint Cup race.  I love rainy days, but I keep forgetting how achy they can make me.  Right now my left hip is killing me, not sure why.

One of the things that happened during this wet week was our sump pump stopped working.  We had 8 inches of water in the basement.  Of course it was yesterday so we had to pay weekend rates to get it fixed. $600 later the basement was draining.  I refuse to even think about it.

Today’s picture is brought to you by my fear that the Republicans could win the White House.  Perhaps I should say “my fear that TRUMP could win the White House.”  I refuse to believe Trump represents most civilized, responsible Republicans.  I’ve heard some say there is no way most Americans will, in the end, vote for someone as unqualified as Trump.  I harbor no such illusions.  I’ve seen too many strange things in politics and I know there is a chance Trump could win.  It would be a disaster for this country.  At best it would mean more years of do-nothing gridlock; at worst it would mean he convinces a Republican controlled Congress to pass bills that enact his vision of America, and that he puts a few “Archie Bunker” types on the SCOTUS.

Trump’s big slogan is “Make America Great Again.”  What he really means (and, what it means to many of his fans, I think) is “Make America Rich, White, and Male Again.”  He would definitely be the president of the 1%.  Moreover, he is not qualified to lead the country in so many areas; he would have to have extremely powerful advisors.  We would end up with many presidents appointed and confirmed by the Congressional far right instead of one elected president who knows what he or she is doing.

I’m to the point that I don’t trust most politicians.  However, before anyone thinks I’m one of those who may simply vote against someone rather than for someone let me say right now I support Clinton.  Sure, it would be nice to see a woman elected president, but that doesn’t play into my decision that much.  As a hiring manager most of my adult working life, I’m basing my decision on the fact that she simply has the resume for the job.  Trump does not.  Clinton has been a Senator and Sec of State (I don’t even count her time as First Lady), has dealt with national and international issues, is an attorney who has worked tirelessly for children’s causes, and has pretty much stuck to the issues even when talking about Trump, while being called “Crooked Hillary”, a liar, and having her personal, private history with her husband brought up by Trump.

Trump, on the other hand, is an unqualified abomination.  He speaks in generalized slogans; can’t stay on message; insults/mocks the disabled, women, and anyone who doesn’t fit his rich white male image.  But there is one thing about Trump that condemns him in my eyes, beyond the possibility of redemption.  He supports Russian “president” Putin.

Something that is really bothering me right now, mainly because there is nothing I can do about it, is the slaughter of civilians in Aleppo, Syria.  Men, women, children, the aged, hospitals, schools, entire neighborhoods – killed, injured, destroyed.  The dictator Assad is conducting a massacre of his own people, and he is doing it with the formidable assistance of the dictator Putin.  ISIS is not nearly the threat to these people that their own government is!

Between this, and the way Putin has acted on other issues, it is obvious he is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union and restart the Cold War.  Both Assad and Putin should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.  And I’ve heard Trump express his admiration for Putin.  This is reason enough to not vote for him (of course, there is no shortage of reasons).

So, small acts, when multiplied by millions, can transform the world.  In this case the small act is VOTING!  It frightens me that Trump’s supporters are just insane and fanatical enough to be sure they get out every single vote that could possibly be cast for him.  Whether your reason to vote the other way is that you support Clinton, or just want to keep Trump out of power, it is vital that we all vote – early or in November – just be sure to vote!!

Until next week….






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