End of Week 224 – Still stalled…


The 20160304_070917

I am not a good multitasker.  I admit it.  I’m lousy at doing more than one thing at a time.  So, if my son is still trying to go through all his stuff here so he can move and discard what’s appropriate, and he is trying to get ready for a business trip in a week (with my assistance), and we have a major car repair in the works, and I’m trying to figure out how to get the money to replace our gutters…well, something’s gotta give and that something is my charity effort.

I think I need to do some research on protein rich breakfasts, and protein snacks.  I need things that don’t have a lot of carbs.  Lunch is ok with my dark greens and chicken.  Dinner is mostly up to my husband, but he would make some adjustments if I asked.  Besides, he always has some meat at dinner.  Too many breakfast items are carb based, even if they have a lot of protein they usually have granola or some other bread as well.  Eggs would work, but I’d have to fix them everyday myself and sometimes I just don’t have the time.  Regardless, I have to figure out something because I really do want to lose weight for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation walk in November (my sister walks every year).

This week’s picture is my wishful thinking.  This weekend it is, again, hot and muggy.  Where the hell is the fall weather they keep saying is coming???  Not only is it hot and muggy; it is DRY.  We haven’t had a decent rain in more than a month.  Each day is like every other day – sun and blue sky.  I’ve always loved the rain anyway, and now I am so sick of sun and blue sky I could scream.  The grass is dry and crackling.  I have to water my two little marigold plants daily or they wilt.  We have to run the air conditioner and have to keep the drapes closed to try to keep out the sun.  Four months of this is enough!

Both our presidential candidates are showing their not-so-good sides now.  About a week ago Clinton called 50% of Trumps supporters “deplorable”.  The phrase was actually more colorful – “basket of deplorables”.  Now, in my opinion, she wasn’t inaccurate.  It is widely known that many of Trump’s most ardent followers dislike the LGBT community, dislike people from other countries, and support things like the wall at the border, mass deportation, banning same-sex marriage, etc.  They want to “Make America Great Again”, but the question is, great for whom?  Frankly, their agenda reads more like “Make America White/Male/Christian Again.”  Not how I want my America, thanks anyway.

But getting back to Clinton, it simply is not a good idea to call any of the voters that kind of name.  I heard her and could only go, “Tell me you didn’t just say that!!!”  Of course, the Trump camp is all over it, including using it for a national TV commercial.

Trump, on the other hand, decided it is time to revisit the “birther” question.  He finally stated that President Obama was born in the USA.  To his fans, that put the matter to rest.  The rest of is aren’t going to forget his 5-year quest to prove Obama was born somewhere else.  He must have realized that, because he decided to place the blame for the controversy on Clinton.  Yes, it has been a week of idiocy!

The closer the election gets, the more frightened I am.  I am not naïve.  Some will say there is no way our country would actually elect Trump, and I just shake my head knowing that it certainly could happen.  It would be a disaster for the country, but it is not impossible.  If Trump ends up winning the only hope we have is that the President can do only so much.  The Congress would have to try to control him, but for the last 8 years that Republican controlled body has proven how inept they are.  Oh, well.

On a personal note, today is my 27th anniversary with the State of Delaware.  I’ve been able to retire since I turned 60, but now it is feeling like it is just around the corner.  Someday.

Until next week….








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