End of Week 223 – Still Trying To Get Started…


Today’s picture is brought to you by today’s anniversary.  Fifteen years ago today, two buildings fell, 3000 people died, the Pentagon was attacked, more people died, a plane full of passengers gave their lives rather than have another national landmark targeted, and the world changed forever.  I’ve seen a lot of 9/11 tribute pictures, and they almost all have something to do with the military, or at least use militaristic images.  To me, that is the last thing this should be about.  Yes, it’s about those who were killed.  Yes, it’s about the responders – both those who gave their lives, and those who live with the memories and the physical and mental problems to this day.  However, I feel that there is a larger picture.  Everyone was affected by the overall psychological impact of the attack.

9/11 changed the way people think.  Different individuals reacted different ways.  It brought out the best in some, and the worst in others.  Fifteen years later it is still that way.  In that respect, the terrorists obtained a small victory.  They wanted to change the way we live, and they did.  So, the best way we can show those who hate our country that we will endure no matter what is to hold on to our happiness and live our lives as we normally would.  Sure, we’ve made some adjustments as a society, but as long as individuals hold on to their core values we win in the long run.  Hence, this picture.

I’m still trying to get started on losing for charity.  I’ve set up a new blog site and will share when I’ve been able to post on it.  No problem since my weight is holding right now.  There are still some adjustments to be made.  This coming week should see some progress, in what I’m doing if not in actual weight.  Exercise is not a problem – diet is the sticking point.

I have a new fear about this election.  I have this horrible feeling that it is going to be decided through social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.  Of course, if a person has decided who he/she wants for president then memes and tweets are not going to change his/her mind.  And those still considering are, hopefully, intelligent enough to realize the memes and tweets are simply partisan garbage.  So, maybe I’m worried for nothing.

However, yesterday I went on my Facebook news feed and spent literally hours hiding one right-wing conservative meme after another.  I didn’t see any liberal memes.  I’m sure others have, but they aren’t making it to my page.  These memes originally come from various ultra-conservative pseudo-news sources, but make my page because someone whose items I see feels the need to share them.  The occasional meme doesn’t bother me.  Having to hide so many that I lose an entire afternoon doing it is another story.  Why bother hiding them, you may ask?  Having them clogging my news feed makes it very difficult to get to the items that I really want to see – things from my family and personal friends.

Almost all the memes I hid were against Clinton.  I don’t care if someone is against Clinton.  It is the nature of the mems that has me concerned.  Some of them were just plain nasty; others were simply untrue (yes, I researched them to be sure).  NONE of them were reasoned arguments based on policies or ability, or were about anything that should be considered when picking a president.  ALL of them were full of name calling and vitriol.

In response to this I have started an “Anti-Political Nastiness” Facebook campaign, using all the cuteness overload, inspirational and funny videos and memes I can find.  If it’s not about politics it’s fair game.  In my comments I state why I’m doing this and plead with readers to “join me!”  I truly feel many others are as fed up with this presidential race as I am.  As one meme states, “With all the political nastiness being posted, sometimes you just need to see a mouse sleeping in a flower.”

Until next week….




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