End of Week 222 – Getting started…


Today’s picture is in honor of Mother Theresa who was canonized today by the Roman Catholic Church and is now Saint Theresa.  However, even Pope Francis admitted that she will forever be known as Mother Theresa.

I still want to lose weight for charity, but getting started on a holiday week is difficult.  However, I started at 268 and on Friday I was 266, so I owe $2 to the charity collection!  I think Fridays will be my weigh-in day.  I’ve asked my son if he wants to lose weight for charity with me.  Of course, he said yes.  He doesn’t have nearly as much to lose as I do, thank heaven.  I hope we lose enough to make a meaningful contribution.

I’m thinking about starting a second blog – for the charity project.  We’ll see.

It is Labor Day weekend.  Our area is under a tropical storm warning, and absolutely nothing is happening in the weather.  Not even rain.  Not even clouds.  I was really hoping we’d get a soaking from this storm, but it has been a big, fat nothing.  The only positive thing from this storm has been a lowering of the temperature.  We are still terribly dry.

One thing I like about Labor Day is that it is one of the few non-religious holidays left that is not focused on the military.  If I remember correctly, it was about our labor force and our unions.  I’m not very pro-union.  They had their purpose back when we needed to improve conditions for the labor force that helped take our nation into and through the industrial revolution.  Too many of the bosses/owners were like Trump – do anything to increase profits and to hell with the rank and file workers.  The new version of this, as exemplified by Trump, is to ship manufacturing overseas so that pay is almost non-existent and the US workers no longer have jobs.  Now the unions no longer have the power they used to.  If management does not like what the unions are demanding they just take the jobs somewhere else.

For me, Labor Day is simply the end of summer.  I start looking for cooler temps and turning leaves.  I want to be able to open my windows at home and think about wearing sweaters.  It’ll happen pretty soon.  Not too much longer….

Until next week…



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