End of Week 221 – A Different Approach?


Ok, before I get into anything else, today is my son’s birthday.  He is 28.  This picture is old, but it shows him doing something he loves – music.  He is still into music, but he has lost some weight and looks slimmer now.  We will be helping him celebrate in his new house later.  Feels strange, but it’s cool.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful son!

Now, down to business.  I’ve decided I need a new incentive to kick-start some weight loss.  I’m thinking of losing weight for charity.  However, I know it won’t work unless I go public, at least to my friends/family on Facebook.  If I keep it to myself it will be too easy to just not think about it and come up with excuses.  I need for people to know, and I need a plan.  Which charity?  I’m thinking of contributing a dollar per pound lost, probably to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  I’d give it to my sister’s walking team – she walks each November in Washington DC.

Exercise is not a problem.  I’m already at the gym six days a week.  If I feel I need more I can always try to go after work 2 or 3 days a week (I already go before work and during lunch).  The after-work sessions could be some extra cardio.  Something tells me one session of resistance training per day is enough.

The challenge will be finding the eating plan that goes with this kick-start project.  It has been a while since I’ve mentioned it, but I have not forgotten the basic equation from 221 weeks ago: Eat Less + Move More = Weight Loss.  I’m still on the journey presented by that idea – I’ve just been stuck for a while.  Need to get back to protein shakes for breakfast.  Stick with my dark green salads with chicken for lunch (go a little lighter on the dressing). Adjust what I eat when my husband cooks dinner (more of the protein, less of the carbs).  I don’t cut out carbs completely, but I need to stick with good carbs in small amounts.  Need to resist bagels and other treats at the office.

We are still in the middle of a hot, dry weather pattern.  Temps are not quite as bad as a week ago, but the highs are still hovering around 90.  The humidity goes up, and goes down, and goes up again.  Everyday is sun and blue sky.  WE NEED RAIN!  Even the leaves on the trees are starting to curl, conserving what moisture they have.  The only people happy with this dry spell are those who grow things like watermelons, tomatoes, grapes, and other crops that hold a lot of moisture inside.  Rain can easily ruin them. Grapes in particular are sweeter when the growing season is dry.  Obviously, nature can’t please everyone.

I just keep reminding myself that Fall is coming.  The cicadas are out and making a racket.  That is the first sign.  Next will be the crickets.  I hope we don’t get too many in the house this year.  The population of birds at the feeders shouldn’t change too much.  The color of the male goldfinches will change ever so slowly, until they are almost identical to the females.  They, and the cardinals, house finches, chickadees, blue jays, mourning doves and other daily visitors will still be here through the winter.

On the political scene, an African-American woman (I mention her race only because it is pertinent to the point later) walking her baby in a stroller on a Chicago street was shot and killed the other day.  That is tragic, regardless.  However, she happened to be the cousin of an NBA superstar, so it made the news faster than it would have normally.  Trump immediately tweeted that the event proved him right (regarding his negative and condescending comments about the condition of the African-American community), and that “All African-Americans will vote TRUMP!”  Yes, that is a quote.  He then accused Clinton of thinking of the same group of people only as voters, not as people.  Really??  Now we are hearing that Trump is changing his stance on immigration.  I hope people realize Trump has not changed at all.  His advisors are getting him to say safer things, but that does not mean the real candidate has changed one iota.  Listen to his off-the-cuff, non-prompter statements if you want the REAL Trump.

Until next week….



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