End of Week 220 – Let the Games End….


This week we will see if eating dark green salads (kale, spinach, and chard) almost daily helps my hemoglobin.  I have Blood Bank on Wednesday and last month it seemed to help.  Now we will see if it happens twice in a row.  In order to donate one needs hemoglobin of 12.5 or better, which is kind of high especially for a woman.  I always have a problem meeting that requirement.  My numbers are very borderline – usually 12.3 or 12.4, but they won’t cut any slack at Blood Bank.  Two months ago I was able to donate.  Usually that means the following month I won’t quite make it.  However, I ate those greens every workday for lunch and I was able to donate last month!  Since then I have continued to eat those greens for my workday lunches and I am hoping it makes a difference again.

Due to monetary considerations I’ve had to cut my sessions with Will to once per week.  This will make them stretch out for a longer period of time.  I refuse to give them up completely.  Of course, I’ll be at the gym six days a week anyway – I’ll just be on my own a little more.  That’s ok.  I know what to practice and I always remember what Will shows me.

The weather has been driving me nuts!!  Seems like every weather report I hear begins with, “Just one more incredibly hot day…”  The latest is all this heat is supposed to break tonight.  I truly hope so.  Our old house heats up in the afternoon even with AC.  On the worst days it has been almost unbearable.  The worst part is we are paying a huge electric bill for the privilege of roasting.  It has been day after day of bright sun and blue sky.  Sounds ok, right?  Well, it would be if it didn’t come with a heat index of 121 degrees!  Right now I just want about a week of clouds and soft rain.  What I really want is FALL.

Today we will see the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics from Rio.  They have been interesting, and very successful for the US from a medal perspective.  It also has had its share of controversy.  One of our better male swimmers pulled a dumb stunt and then lied about it.  That was stupid, but not overly serious in the long run mainly because the incident and the lie had no connection to any Olympic event or function.  It was something that happened outside the Olympics and the Olympic Village.  Like I said, stupid, but not something that calls any of the swimmer’s accomplishments into question.  It didn’t even involve his sportsmanship, meaning attitude toward other competitors.

The other incident that caught my attention was when the Jamaican Men’s relay team (track and field) made fun of our team.  The US Men’s Relay Team placed third in the race in question until they were disqualified unjustly.  I’ve watched all the footage they will show, and truly believe the committee that issued the disqualification was totally and completely WRONG.  However, that is the type of idiocy one deals with when subjective human opinion is involved.  That is, until the Jamaican team, which won the gold, started making fun of our team during one of their post-race press conferences.  I admit their star, Bolt, is probably the greatest track star of all time strictly from an ability standpoint.  However, there is a lot more to being a true Olympic champion than physical ability.  There is also attitude, and when it comes to attitude Bolt is full of himself and expresses nothing but self-adulation.  His teammates follow along knowing that no one can question Bolt’s speed.  They ridiculed the US team at an official Olympic press conference, and in my eyes that is a prime example of poor sportsmanship.  Any respect I had for Bolt or the Jamaican team vanished when they did that.  Not that they care, but it is a fact.

No extensive political commentary this week.  It’s a circus.  Enough said.

Until next week….


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