End of Week 218 – Let the Games Begin…


Well, I wish I had news on the diet/exercise front, but I’m still holding my own.  I ate a minimum of junk and lots of salads, protein, and veggies again.  Not sure why the scale won’t move, but at least I feel fairly healthy.  I think it is time I got serious about doing ab work at home.  I just hate getting down on the floor – it is so difficult getting back up without hurting my knees.  My weight seems to fluctuate up and down within the same 5 pound range.  Mostly it is on the lower side.  I need to find something that will kick-start some weight loss.

The political conventions are over.  The Democrats had their time in the spotlight.  There was a certain amount of division, a certain amount of controversy, a certain amount of silliness.  None of it was particularly surprising.  In the end, however, I think people felt good.  The Dems drew a definite line in the sand.  They presented their vision of the USA – a great nation with problems that need work and a populace that can pull together to get things done.  They spoke with optimism and encouragement, in contrast to the “gloom and doom” picture of the country presented by the Republicans.

Trump has been dealing with one controversy after another.  He actually had the nerve to say that he has sacrificed for the USA by becoming rich and successful.  He attacked a Muslim family whose son was killed in action overseas while serving in the military.  He is bragging about creating jobs for Americans when many of his products are manufactured overseas.  It is difficult to take him seriously.  Some are buying into the theory that Trump does not really want to be president.  He wants to say he got votes; he wants to say he won a major nomination; he wants the adulation.  He wants all the attention with none of the responsibility.  Personally, I hope this is true.  He simply is not qualified to be president.

It is going to be a long summer and fall leading up to the election.  Now that both political shows are over I am going to concentrate on other things.  My morning glories are blooming, which means I get to see the occasional hummingbird flying through.  The cardinal fledglings are getting big.  My population of cardinals seems to have fully recovered from when they all but disappeared about a year ago.  We have lots of goldfinches this year.  I love to see the bright yellow males.  Of course, there are the other usual suspects – house finches, chickadees, mourning doves, etc.

The Olympics are being held now in Rio.  I wish I could watch, but my husband isn’t into it and he pretty much controls the TV since it isn’t that important to me on a daily basis.

My son is now officially a homeowner!  We went to closing on his first home last week.  It is about 10 miles from us and he is slowly getting ready to move in.

One of our cars and our riding lawn mower need repair again.  It’s enough to drive us crazy.  Seems that lately we have been spending all our money getting things fixed.

Guess we just have to keep plodding along.

Until next week….



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