End of Week 216 -One down, One to go…


Yep, my mom is back.  I’ve been missing her a lot recently so I thought I’d post her picture.  I think she’d be happy with my recent activities – Going to the gym everyday despite the heat and knee problems; making all my sessions; taking a day trip to Washington DC for business; basically, stepping out of what she and I used to consider my element.

It hasn’t been difficult to eat well in this heat.  I hate to cook hot food in the summer, so, I eat a lot of salads.  My salads are made from kale and spinach so there is a lot of nutrition involved.  I add skinless chicken and some honey-mustard dressing – Yum!!

Another reason I posted a picture of my mom is that it is the season for political conventions.  I get my interest in politics from her and her side of the family.  In her later years she was conservative, but when I was growing up she was a liberal democrat, and she used to joke, “Where did I go wrong raising you??”  I would respond, “Remember, Mom, that when I was growing up you were liberal.”  It was our running joke.  In reality, she really was, and I still am, somewhat of a mixture of ideas.  That is the reason I don’t belong to a political party.  I admit to definite liberal leanings.  I like it that way.  I believe in those things.

The GOP convention is over, thank heaven!  I tried to give Trump a fair hearing.  In fact, I’ve been trying to do that this whole time.  He is just too damn frightening.  He has actually said that he is the only person who can “fix” this country; that he is the only one with the answers.  He sounds like someone who is trying to be a dictator.  The only thing more frightening than having a dictator is having a petulant toddler as dictator.  There were no specific problem solving programs.  Everything was name calling, and a lot of the general statement “Make America Great Again”.  While Trump was talking about taking action against various minority groups, the GOP was displaying “Make America One Again” across their convention stage.  How do they expect to do that with someone like Trump in office?

Part of the problem is semantics.  This week we all seemed to realize that Trump is saying the USA is in dire shape because we have problems that need work.  Clinton, on the other hand, is saying (which I heard directly) the USA is still great, and the problems we have will be better if we all pull together to work on them.  This leads me to the first semantic problem:

“Great” is not synonymous with “Perfect”. – Does the USA have problems?  Sure.  Nothing is perfect.  There is always room for improvement and we have some serious problems that need immediate work.  This does not mean the country is not great.  It is pretty obvious that Trump is trying to play on our fears and present himself as our “savior”.  Clinton, by contrast, sounds more like a team leader; like someone who is willing to include everyone in her efforts to solve our problems – in fact, not just willing but insistent.

Voters who have a favorite candidate seem to be divided into two main groups – those who don’t trust Clinton because they consider her a liar (mainly due to the email problem); and those who don’t trust Trump because of his many bankruptcies, failed businesses, lack of pertinent experience, and the way he treats women and minorities.  The media is all over polls that say their respondents think Trump is more “honest and trustworthy” than Clinton.  This leads me to the second semantic problem:

“Honest” is not synonymous with “Trustworthy”.  Now, I realize they also are not mutually exclusive.  However, in my mind neither candidate is completely honest.  Unfortunately, that is just the nature of politics.  Do Clinton’s statements about the emails bother me?  Not particularly.  I was not there and do not know what she or anyone else saw.  What she said could be the truth to the best of her knowledge, or she may have made an error.  Could she have actually lied?  I suppose so (I’m not naïve).  But that means nothing to me when I think about running the country from the White House.  I know for a fact Trump lies.  I’ve heard it with my own ears during one of his speeches.

So, since it is clear that prevarication is possible on both sides, I turn to the other word, “Trustworthy”.  Which candidate is worthy of my trust?  Which candidate do I trust to make calm, informed, balanced decisions regarding submitting legislation, military action, working with other countries, and helping all our citizens (not just the affluent and those who react to fear mongering)?  Who do I trust to not violate the Constitutional rights of people based on their religion and ethnic origin?  Not Trump, that’s for sure.

This coming week it is the Democrats’ turn in the spotlight.  I will spend some free time this week watching their convention from Philadelphia and thinking about what they are saying, just like I thought about what the GOP said last week.  We’ll see what kind of impression they make.  I prefer optimism to pessimism, that much I know.

One thing for sure; it’s going to be a long, hot summer and a tedious fall until November.  Good luck, everyone!

Until next week….



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