End of Week 213 – Happy Birthday USA


Tomorrow is Independence Day.  In all my photos, this is the closest thing I have to something patriotic.  It is not really what I would have chosen, given any variety in pictures.  I’m sure many will think I am horrible for saying this, but Independence Day is NOT a military holiday.  We already have plenty of those, not to mention the fact that our supposed “obligation” to worship the military is crammed down our throats 24/7 by every form of media.  Each time I am told to “remember those who serve” or “don’t forget our veterans” or some other form of such an admonition I want to scream, “How can I not remember??  I’m told this all day everyday!”

Independence Day is a time to learn about, remember, and honor the ENTIRE history of our nation; even the parts that make us uncomfortable; even the parts that make us argue amongst ourselves.  That is the nature of our republic.  It is as important to understand the internment of Americans of Japanese descent during WWII as it is to understand the war itself.  It is as important to understand the progression of our educational system and the civil struggles it has faced as it is to know the dates of the various armed conflicts in which we have participated.  These are just examples (the list could go on and on).   We have to be more than a society that has lurched along from one war to the next, with no appreciation for the non-military events and developments in between.  Why is war and killing the only part of our culture that is regularly and constantly glorified?

Thank heaven the gym is open tomorrow!  I’ll be able to get away from the constant barrage of uniforms, guns, and battles for at least a little while.  I’m still on track with my workouts, and still trying to figure out my eating.  One step in the right direction – I am eating a lot more salads consisting of kale and spinach.  I think that is much more nutritious than regular lettuce.  And I try to put protein in them, either chicken or hard-boiled egg.  I’m still enjoying my sessions with Will – he always has a new exercise for me.

I’ve always enjoyed the 4th of July as a time to celebrate as a community and a nation.  Looks like we may be rained out this year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the history of a unique people – a citizenry composed of so many cultures and richer for having each and every one!

Until next week…


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