End of Week 212 – Back to Normal…

It was one of those weeks that at the end finds me wondering how I can improve my eating. I exercised fine – made all my workouts and personal sessions. However, I am tired of looking like a barrel. I see it in the mirrors at the gym all the time. I am getting stronger, but my weight will not budge. Will gives me good nutrition advice – I just need to figure out how to stick to it around my guys at home. More on this in posts to come.

I was back on regular schedule last week. Last week was also very eventful, both in the news and in my back yard.

The photo on the left is from my back yard. You see what’s eating my birdseed? Yep, a raccoon! I’ve named him Irving. It was easy for him get to the feeders since they were up against the fence. I noticed him a week ago Friday. I moved the feeders to the middle of the yard. That was when I learned raccoons can climb skinny poles as well as fences. So, now I have to take the feeders in at night and put them out in the morning. Of course, Irving just wants some dinner, so I leave some seed in a tray feeder I have close to the ground. I don’t begrudge him food – I just have to watch my budget when spending money on birdseed.

The photo on the right is our male cat, Sleuthy. Our other cat, Olyvia, is pictured a lot, so I thought it was Sleuthy’s turn. He looks so distinguished! LOL!

All week we’ve been hearing about the Orlando aftermath, the severe weather out west and in West Virginia, and politics. The main story relating to Orlando is gun safety legislation. I had a good time watching the “sit-in” at the US House of Representatives last Wednesday, and still do not understand what Republicans have against expanding background checks for gun purchases, or establishing a “no fly, no buy” rule. It’s not like anyone is trying to ban any particular type of firearm. Some of my more conservative Facebook friends post all the time how if everyone was armed these potential mass murderers would not be able to kill anyone. Well, that is all well and good until someone trying to stop a killer accidentally shoots the wrong person. All these people think they are so tough, so “big and bad”. I really think they all picture themselves as updated versions of Dirty Harry. There is a lot of potential for disaster and legal entanglements when people who are not law enforcement or military try to use firearms. There would be more civil suits even if there are not more criminal arrests. The only people who would truly benefit from more civilians being armed are attorneys.

The same news broadcast that carried the sit-in also carried footage on speeches by Trump and Clinton. It is no secret I cannot stand Trump. I support Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee. Do I think she is squeaky clean and that there is no question about some of her past actions? No. I am not naïve. However, I refuse to waste my vote, or (even worse) have the effect of voting for Trump, by voting for an outlying party candidate (like Libertarian, or Green). There are those who want Bernie Sanders to the point of saying they will not vote for Clinton.  Trump thanks them for their vote. The Republicans are counting on the Dems splintering, too.  I will vote for whoever the Democratic party puts out there for POTUS simply because I must do what I can to be sure Trump is defeated.

The speeches I saw on the news were revealing. Most folks would say all politicians lie. It may be true that many of them exaggerate, twist facts, and use other linguistic tricks to their advantage. But last Wednesday I witnessed Trump telling a straight-out, bald-faced lie about Clinton. I won’t go into detail because that is not the point here. Suffice it to say I saw the research on it; listened to a Pulitzer Prize winning political fact checker, and have seen pictures and footage on the subject. There is no question that the statement made by Trump was untrue – not an exaggeration, twisting, or misinterpretation. A lie, pure and simple. Actually, he told several lies about HRC during that same speech.  If I had any doubts about Trump not being suitable to be POTUS, he cleared them up that day.

Trump supports the Brexit vote. Not sure how I feel about that, but since I am not British it really doesn’t matter. However, Trump has been endorsed by the leader of N. Korea. What does that tell you?

Until next week….


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