End of Week 211 – Vacation?

I’ve been off from work this week.  Unfortunately, today (Thursday) was the first day since last Saturday I’ve been able to get to the gym due to travel.  This morning I was down about 1.5 pounds so I didn’t do too badly with my eating while in Virginia.  Had a session with Will today – he really pushed me; got the kinks out, and I felt a lot less like a slug when we finished.  I’ll be sure to get to the gym tomorrow and Saturday, and then it’s back to regular schedule on Monday!

We went to Virginia to visit my step-father and do his yard. The photo with the blue chairs is the back view.  The other is the front view.  My husband cuts the grass and clears the path to the lake.  The push mower wouldn’t start, so he cut the grass with a weed trimmer – the whole yard!  I think I’m going to get him a new push mower for Fathers’ Day.

Ok, may as well mention it.  The events in Orlando are horrible and devastating and there is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said.  However, I will say that to me, as an outsider, the two most sickening things after the incredible loss of life were 1.Donald Trump’s self-congratulatory tweet as his immediate reaction, and 2.That ISIS is trying to take credit for the event.

Trump’s tweet didn’t even make sense. It was a half-formed thought just like most of what he says.  I hope the voters of this nation realize we cannot have, as POTUS, someone who cannot communicate his thoughts.  I’m not even sure his thinking is clear.

As for ISIS, it looks to me as though they are trying to take credit for something into which they made no direct contribution.  Sure, the gunman swore allegiance to ISIS, but that does not mean ISIS directly ordered him to kill those particular people, or helped plan it, or provided the weapons, or ANYTHING. They heard what happened just like everyone else, realized the gunman thought he was part of them, and tried using the tragedy to gain exposure here in the USA.  Now, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong. But so far I haven’t heard anything that lends credence to ISIS’ claim.  They are a bunch of sick opportunists who have twisted the teachings of Islam and have no idea how true Muslims are supposed to live.

Of course, I know there are many people of all faiths who do not behave as they should, and that there are non-religious people who behave badly.  Whether one lives by the teachings of a religion or those of basic human decency, it is important to remember that extremism is never beneficial.

Until next week….


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