End of Week 209 – Miserable Week….



This is the picture I insert when I feel I need light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve lost 5 or 6 pounds. You’d think I’d be thrilled. However, I’ve never recommended getting sick as a means of losing weight.  What started out as a congested cough (I honestly thought is was allergy related) developed into something else – maybe a virus snuck in there.  I ended up completely congested – chest, nose, ears – and with a fever of 101.6.  Missed work Wednesday through Friday, and don’t feel 100% today, but I think I’m on my way back.  Obviously, I wasn’t able to go to the gym after Tuesday.  I’m sure I’ll get back on Monday. Just as well since Will is on vacation. If I have to be sick at least I didn’t have to cancel any sessions.

I spent a lot of time this week watching my backyard birds. Saw an indigo bunting; first one since last spring. The eastern towhee returned. All the permanent residents made an appearance – cardinals, goldfinches, house finches, chickadees, mourning doves, blue jays and squirrels.  The squirrels have been consuming the bird seed at a rapid pace.  Sometimes I have to chase them away temporarily so the birds have a chance.

It has been an active news week. The California primary is Tuesday so each evening we are treated to battling candidates. Clinton is having to fight on two fronts. She has to continue to campaign against Sanders because of the upcoming primaries. She also has to respond to Trump, who apparently is assuming Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee because he is spending all his time name calling in her direction.

Trump sounds like a little kid. He keeps repeating “She is dishonest.” “She is crooked as they come.” “She should be in jail.”  over and over and over. No supporting information; no details. He speaks in glittering generalities (when he can form a complete thought at all); each time he answers a question he jumps from subject to subject in what sounds like nonsensical stream of consciousness. I can’t stand to listen to him because trying to follow him gives me a headache.

I’ve heard the Republicans may try uniting behind Trump under the banner of  “ABH” (Anyone But Hillary). Well, I think the rest of the country, Democrats, Independents, and smaller political parties) should unite behind whoever is nominated by the Democratic party (be it Clinton or Sanders) under the banner “ABT” (obviously, Anyone But Trump).

Last night Muhammad Ali passed away. I am old enough to remember when he was Cassius Clay.  Never having been a big fan of boxing, what I know about the man can be summarized as what I have heard on the news over the years. However, I feel for his family and friends and wish them all healing energy. My husband, on the other hand, never liked Ali. He bases his opinion on one thing.  He considers Ali a “draft dodger”.  I looked up the history and found the basic facts to be correct.  Ali refused military induction on religious grounds. That was all my husband; being conservative, a veteran, and fairly pro-military; needed. Personally, I don’t judge anyone by whether or not they served in the military.  I do not dislike those in the military, but neither do I go around constantly praising them like so many do today.  I consider it a career like any other.  I feel excellent teachers, nurses, electricians, and factory workers deserve as much attention as excellent soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen.

I found all this interesting.  It is a great example of how we all can be observing the same situation, and yet be seeing completely different things in it.

Until next week….


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