End of Week 206 -More of the same…


Still exercising, still dieting, still struggling.  On the bright side, I am really enjoying my workouts.  Will increased some of my weights last week, like doing squats with a 65 pound barbell on my shoulders.  When that happens at least I feel as though I’ve accomplished something.  I just have to figure out the food puzzle.  I’ve baked some boneless, skinless chicken to take to work each day.  Maybe I’ll try to use a combination of my protein shakes and the chicken to concentrate on mostly protein during the day.  Then I can eat a regular dinner, emphasis on veggies.  We’ll see…

This weekend I was reminded by Facebook that four years ago my son graduated with his Associates Degree from Del Tech.  That was four years and three degrees ago, but it was exciting!  The picture is actually of him getting his Bachelors from Wilmington U, but the colors are identical and the idea is the same.  He now has quite a collection of green graduation gowns.  Del Tech and Wilmington U use the same shade of green for graduation, so my son now has one gown from DT and two from Wilmington U that look quite similar.

I have a new phone.  I managed to figure out how to link it to the Cloud.  Now my pictures will be automatically transferred to my laptop almost as soon as I take them.  Can’t believe I figured that out by myself.  They must have dumbed it down.  If I can do it, anyone can!

This is NASCAR weekend in Dover.  Traffic sucks.  The race is being run as I type this, and they just had an 18 car wreck.  I just don’t see the appeal, but everyone has their interests I guess.  The only reason I know about it is that my husband is watching the race on TV.  Thank heaven we don’t have to be at the track to see it.  I love watching baseball, and he doesn’t understand that at all.

I am SO over politics right now.  The latest issue?  Bathrooms.  That’s right – bathrooms.  The federal government has said that public school systems receiving federal funds must allow transgender students to choose which restroom they use.  They are supposed to be allowed to use the restroom in which they feel most comfortable.  You’d have thought they said our new national symbol was going to be the swastika, or that President Obama was going to hand-pick the new president and elections were cancelled!

The substance of the reactions is fairly typical.  The LGBT side, and those who support them, approve of the action and say that states enacting opposing laws are being discriminatory.  The conservative side is talking about the action causing girls to be attacked in the restroom, and mentioning religion a lot.  As someone who is just sitting back and observing, I’d like to point out some things:

  1. I’ve heard, first hand, quite a few conservatives interviewed for their reaction to this and one thing stands out.  They are labeling all transgender people as sexual predators, even the young ones (what few there are) in our schools.  Now, they would say no – that they mean it makes it easier for real predators to dress up, go into girls’ restrooms, and commit crimes.  Well, that’s just BS, but even if it wasn’t, this is not what they are saying.  If that is what they mean they better start saying what they mean, because that is not the way it is coming out.
  2. Please, please, PLEASE stop saying this action is against the bible.  Or, show me where in the bible it says anything about school restrooms!  Or any restrooms!
  3. Everyone I’ve heard opposing this action has mentioned how they don’t want boys going into the girls’ restrooms. I have listened very carefully, and have never heard anyone express any concern about girls going into boys’ restrooms.  I guess our young sons are never in any danger from weird strangers, right?  Sorry, but this is the height of sexism and hypocrisy.
  4. Now a word to the LGBT side of this fight.  There are weapons that work better than legislation.  New laws can be challenged and get tied up for years in courts.  If you want to make a point in places like North Carolina and other homo- and trans- phobic states hit them where it really counts – in the pocketbook.  Join the organizations, performers, and others who have decided to avoid these states.  It will be tough if you happen to live in one of them, but the businesses that do not agree with what the state government is doing will make sure you can tell where they stand.
  5. Just who is going to examine each girl (or boy for that matter) going into a restroom to determine if he or she belongs in there??  This whole thing is just stupid!

Until next week….


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