End of Week 204 -Changes, Changes…


Again, it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve written.  Sometimes too much happens at once.  I’m not making any progress on my weight, but I am working out twice each day Monday through Friday.  I try to go on Saturday morning as well, but today I just had too much to do.   Diet is probably the problem.  Still need some work on that.

I’d love to eat the way Will wants me to all the time, but the guys in my family don’t want to and I can’t afford two completely different grocery trips.  Need to figure out how to work around what is in the house.

It is said that change is the only constant.  Life is certainly full of change now.  First, it is Spring.  This year Mother Nature does not seem to be able to decide it is time to let Spring completely out of its cage.  The temps keep dropping – it has been a rather cold beginning.  It has been raining a lot, but that is typical for Spring.  In any event, the animals and plants are going through their seasonal alterations despite the delay in warmth.  The goldfinches are bright yellow; the cries of baby birds can be heard; the trees are blossoming; green is appearing on branches; we have already had to cut the grass.

On a more personal note, my son just got engaged and he is in the process of obtaining a mortgage for a home in a town about 10 miles to our south.  Looks like we will be “empty nesters” soon.  That’s ok, but it makes me realize why I’m still working.  My husband is already retired and at home a lot.  He is addicted to television.  He watches a lot of Law and Order, true crime shows, and military stuff.  If I was at home and had to listen to all that all the time I’d go screaming into the street!  At night, if he wants me to leave the living room, he simply turns on Fox animation – The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.  I absolutely cannot stand those shows. Cannot even stay in the same room.

Many couples would look forward to an empty nest.  Frankly, I like having my son around, and his absence will take some getting used to.  I try to remind myself of what we can do with the house once he has his own place.  We will have at least one bedroom that we can use for something else – two if he moves his musical equipment, but that may not happen right away.  I’m thinking I may get a new place to write, or maybe we can move the treadmill.  Perhaps our electric bill will go down some if our home is no longer running 24 hours a day.  All remains to be seen.  I’m just glad he is not moving too far away.

Until next week….





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