End of Week 202 -National (Insert Cause Here) Day


Ok, this week was a little more encouraging.  I worked out a lot and really enjoyed it.  I tried to up my protein and talked to Will a lot about what to eat.  He has given me a cleansing routine that you do for only 24 hours (short enough for me to handle), which I think I will try on Monday.  It doesn’t have anything weird in it – lots of water and veggies; no supplements or chemicals; and avoid protein just for a day.  I figure I can endure anything for one day.

Last week contained, among other things, National Siblings Day.  This week’s photo is one of me, my siblings, and several cousins (who might as well be siblings).  The picture is 10 years old, but I love it.  We were having a huge family reunion at a park in Virginia.  It was so much fun, and my mom was there. I am so fortunate to have such a close family!

Last week also saw National Pets Day.  So, here is a gratuitous kitty pic (to borrow a phrase from one of my favorite authors, Michael Hicks).From Phone March 2014 031

I had a close encounter with a tiny brown bird today. Actually, this is the second encounter in a couple of weeks.  I don’t know if it has learned to trust me, as the person who fills the feeders, or if maybe its sense of motion detection is deficient.  It certainly doesn’t seem to mind feeding while I’m working around it.  Each time it has flown close to me I have held very still so it will land on the fence or a tube feeder.  Today, after it landed, I moved very slowly to finish what I was doing, make my way up the hill to the sidewalk, and walk to the back door of the house.  The little bird just kept eating its lunch.

I also have a little critter digging its way under my chain link fence. It happens at night so I have no idea what it is, but the little tunnel keeps reappearing each morning.  It could be a mole I suppose.  I don’t think it’s a squirrel.  They can just climb and jump.  Might be a mouse, but I think the tunnel is a little big for that and mice can just fit through the chain link spaces – no need to dig.  Also, we don’t have a lot of mice running around.  Not with all the stray cats in the area.

Most recent sign of spring:  The male goldfinches are almost completely changed to bright yellow.

Until next week…


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