End of Week 200 – Really???

Party and Other Things From Camera 044

200 weeks?? Really??  When I think of how little progress I’ve made it is almost depressing.  Almost.  What keeps me going on this quest is acknowledging the changes I have made along the way.  Right now, the most encouraging thought is that I am going to continue my personal training and general working out.  And I know that I still need to adjust my eating (meaning: figure out a way to make it work around my family – my husband, specifically).

When I say I haven’t made progress, I’m not really being fair.  I haven’t lost a lot of weight.  I have made progress in other ways.  Not only am I going to the gym 6 days a week; I look forward to it and hate missing it.  There is a difference in my endurance and my muscle strength.  The ultimate goal is still a ways down the road, but I am on my way.

Way back at the beginning of all this I stated that others’ plans for weight loss may not work for you.  That everyone must find what works for them; what keeps them going; what doesn’t bore them; and what gives them results. Now, 200 weeks later, I stand by those statements.  Ok, so I haven’t found that last one yet, but with the way I’m working out now I think I’m getting closer, and when it finally clicks it’ll be powerful.

Regarding eating, this past week has been difficult.  First there was my husband’s birthday. Enough said.  Then we had a graduation party (quite a while after the fact) for my son and the completion of his Masters degree.  It was attended mostly by his lifelong friends and LOTS of food.  I ate party food, but also spent most of the time on my feet working on the party.  So this week it’s time for drop back and regroup.

Last night and this morning we had a wind storm.  Earlier I was watching my bird feeders and saw the most amazing thing.  The wind gusts were so strong the goldfinches were having a problem reaching the feeders.  They would fly into the wind and look like hummingbirds hovering in midair.  They just could not make any headway against those gusts.  If they came from the other direction they had a problem maintaining control.  The wind just pushed them right on by the feeders.  The wind is calming now, so the birds and squirrels are all out feeding.

So, 200 down, probably another 200 to go.  That’s ok.  I’ll just keep on plugging.

Until next week….




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