End of Week 199 – Easter and Other Things


I’ve often mentioned that I am not religious – that is, not into organized religion.  I do consider myself “spiritual”.  I believe in universal energy and that all things are connected.  I believe in the power of positive thoughts (since I think it is all a form of energy).  Call it prayer if you like.  I also believe in science and that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.

However, I was raised Catholic.  So, even I know what happens on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring.  This week’s photo is my acknowledgement of what Christians consider the true meaning of Easter.  I got the photo from my cousin Carol, and it is one of my favorites.  I hope everyone has a joyous Easter and wonderful Spring celebration.

I’m still following March Madness.  Usually by this time (the Elite 8) I have lost all my picks and am just watching to see some good basketball.  This year I still have some strong picks and am actually doing fairly well.  Two of the games in this stage still have to be played today, but I should end up with someone going on to the Final Four.  I already have Villanova.  I wish Notre Dame would advance, but they are up against North Carolina today so realistically it is unlikely.  We’ll see….

My scale still isn’t moving, but I watched my diet and made all my workouts.  In fact, I’m sitting here aching across the shoulders and in my bi’s and tri’s – lots of weight work this week.  I need to get some more abdominal work in.  Of course, my wonderful husband gave me candy in an Easter basket this morning, but he didn’t overdo it too badly.  Besides, I’m the one in control of what I eat when.  The candy will last, so it’s not like I have to eat it all in a few days.

The political scene hasn’t improved.  Trump is still frightening.  Clinton is still being threatened with legal actions.  Cruz is still trying to derail Trump and he is joined by most of those who ran at one time (not Carson though).  It really doesn’t matter.  It will all get figured out, one way or the other, at each convention.  The Democrats will be in Philly I believe, and the Republicans will be in Cleveland.

I am a registered independent so I have nothing to do with who ends up running from each party.  I try to keep an open mind, but having heard all the Republican candidates I cannot see myself, realistically, voting for any of them.  So, I guess I’ll end up supporting the Democratic candidate.  I refuse to simply not vote because; 1) voting is SO important, and I want the right to bitch if I don’t like what’s going on; and 2) I feel not voting would be supporting Trump (or whoever the Republicans end up running) by default – they would just love for everyone else to simply get discouraged and not show up.

There was something cute and interesting this week.  Bernie Sanders was speaking at a rally when a bird (it looked like a goldfinch to me) landed on the edge of his stage.  The crowd noticed it, and then Sanders noticed it.  As he said, “That little bird doesn’t know it…” the bird flew up and landed on his podium, looking right at him.  The crowd went wild, but the bird wasn’t frightened at all.  I love birds.  I feed many backyard birds, including goldfinches, all the time.  What that bird did made an impression on me, which is kind of silly, but what the hell.  Oh, well, the research continues….

Until next week….


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