End of Week 196 – Better, finally!

Purple Tree

It’s a case of the good news and the bad news.  First, the bad news.  I’ve picked up a couple of pounds.  I think it is because of what I’ve been eating and my being sick.  Now, the good news.  I finally am no longer sick!  I ended up taking more time off from the gym and a day off of work (the only day I took off sick since this stuff hit me at Thanksgiving).  However, I now feel better and the congestion seems to be almost gone.

Last week I got back to the gym on my old schedule.  I even got to both of my personal training sessions.  Felt good.  Now I have to get my eating back in line.  This coming week the weather is supposed to be warmer so I am going to try to get back in the habit of having salad with baked chicken at least once each day, along with my protein shakes at least once each day.  Protein shake for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, various things for dinner (watching my portions).  I also need to try to avoid desserts except for maybe once on the weekends.  It’s like starting all over, but that’s ok.  I’m starting at a lower weight than I did the first time.  I’m also in better shape, even after being sick.

The political season is in full swing.  The nightly news is full of stories about various primaries and caucuses; which candidate has more delegates; which one will end up running for president.  Both main political parties have problems, but the problems are very different.  The Democrats are choosing between two people and the differences could not be more pronounced.  Establishment versus outsider; traditional Democrat versus Democratic Socialist.  There is even the more basic female versus male, but fortunately that does not seem to be much of an issue.  Now that the country has elected a mixed-race president (twice!) it seems that the idea of having a female president is not at all foreign to us.  And in a final irony, the traditional establishment candidate is the female!  The socialist outsider is “an old white guy” as the talking heads like to say.

At least the Democrats have two candidates that voters can relate to one way or the other.  The Republicans, on the other hand, have major problems, and they all boil down to two words: Donald Trump.

There is no middle ground with Trump.  People either love him or can’t stand him.  The difference is in their reasons.  Personally, I fall into the “can’t stand” group.  I’ve tried to listen to the man.  Each time I watch him and/or hear him speak, all I can think is, “He’s a toddler having a tantrum.”  He makes no sense; he says one thing and then turns around and says the exact opposite (of course, that could be said to be par for the political course).  He has crazy ideas.  Build a wall across our southern border and make Mexico pay for it?!?  Neither part of that idea is possible.  It is, in fact, ludicrous.  What really concerns me is his hatred for those of different ethnic and religious backgrounds.  He speaks in glittering generalities; jumps from subject to subject without connection; talks around questions without saying anything.  You know, a typical politician.  The problem is his followers are rabid to the point of resembling the early followers of the Nazi Party.  They have physically attacked protesters at rallies.  It’s scary.

I always vote.  I am registered as an Independent, and I do not usually get involved in the campaigns, but I always vote.  This time, if the Republicans end up running Trump for president, I will get involved and do whatever I can legally to see that he does not win.  The problem is I live in a state that the Democrats normally do not have to worry about.  Delaware almost always goes Democratic when it comes to the presidential race.

What does the Democratic Party fear?  If they are smart, they fear complacency.  Democratic voters cannot believe the people of the US would really elect Donald Trump president, so they may not feel they have to vote.  Know this – Trump’s supporters will show up in droves and will do everything in their power to bring others along with them.  All he needs is apathy among the supporters of other candidates.  Or, the attitude of “If my candidate is not running I am not going to vote.”  Either way, we could end up with President Trump.  That would mean either 4 to 8 more years of doing nothing (best case scenario), or 4 to 8 years of being embarrassed by our federal government and its attempts to make us isolationist again (worse case scenario).  I don’t even want to think of what the worst case scenario could be.

Until next week….



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