End of Week 194 -I’ve Had It…


Well, I’m ready to throw in the towel. Not about my weight. I’m holding my own, and that is a miracle considering. I’ve been fighting something approaching bronchitis since Thanksgiving. Here it is February and I’m worse than I was in November.

I had to take a week off from the gym. They put me on Augmentin, and then ZPack, Prednisone (still taking), an inhaler and a nasal spray. I wheeze so badly at night, even elevated, that the noise keeps me from sleeping. I should have stayed home from work, but everyone else got it too, and I had to send most of them home. No way I could leave as well.  The really annoying thing is that I’m not prone to getting this type of thing.  It’s not like I’ve had bronchitis all my life.  This is strange for me.  I’ve added Musinex to my regimen in an attempt to get rid of whatever is sitting in my bronchial tube.  Today’s picture is me hoping for light at the end of the tunnel.

This is Daytona weekend, and another season of NASCAR begins.  Oh, goodie.  Between that and all the coverage of presidential politics I am pretty much staying away from the TV.  Had to laugh, though. The Donald could not even stay out of controversy with the Pope! LOL! The man (Trump) is such a hypocrite. He goes around saying others should not say or do things that he has done or said himself.  Typical politics.

I think I’ll keep this short this week.  Until next week….


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