End of Week 193 – Just Trying To Make It Through

Party and Other Things From Camera 044

Missed writing last week.  Things were just to busy. My son’s university finally got to hold their Winter Commencement and he received his public acknowledgement of his Masters in Administration of Human Services!  The degree was actually conferred in August, but he worked so hard for it he was determined to “walk” as they say.  I completely agreed. We had a house full of people and traveled to Wilmington (upstate) for the ceremony. Went out to dinner afterward.

Despite a full schedule I managed to make all my workouts last week. The scale is not budging, but I’m seeing other changes. People who know me have been commenting that I look better. I am convinced that people, especially women, redistribute physically before they lose weight. Including resistance in workouts increases muscle, which looks better on us that fat.  Also, I am getting stronger.  Ever so slowly, Will has been increasing the weight on the machines and handing me heavier hand weights.  I started with 8 pound hand weights and now can use 15 pound weights.  I started my Lat Twists with 20 pounds and am now on 30 pounds. I started learning how to use barbells by using a broom handle. Now I use either a 25 pound or 30 pound barbell to lift and squat.  He hands me 25 pound hand weights to do shoulder shrugs, and when we are done I can lift them up easily to give them back to him.  This is encouraging.

Today is St. Valentine’s Day. My husband is fighting a bad cold so we aren’t doing anything. In fact, we normally don’t do much for this holiday since not a day goes by otherwise that we do not express our love for each other. I think we figure that we don’t need to make Feb 14 special when we do what’s needed all year long.

I am watching my bird feeders. Today is the coldest day of the season so far, but at least the wind has died down some. I managed to fill the feeders yesterday. Today I’ve had cardinals (yes, they’re back!), wrens, juncos, titmice, a red-bellied woodpecker, and lots of goldfinches. I’ve seen robins and blue jays; even a couple of black birds that are either grackles or starlings (probably the latter).  Looking forward to Spring.

This is the weirdest weather! It’s February so cold and snow are not surprising. But it is supposed to reach 55 by Tuesday. No wonder everyone is sick.

The news is full of the passing of SCOTUS Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. The conservative right immediately smelled blood in the water and started posting all over social media about how they are going to block any Obama nomination for the vacancy until a new president can make a nomination. Besides the political implications, I have just one thing to say. All those people are the most inconsiderate, disrespectful individuals I have ever seen.

Oh, well.  They really aren’t worth any time. Until next week….


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