End of Week 191 – Full Circle…

MoreMorningGlory 002

I’m still holding my own.  I guess that’s not bad considering last weekend’s snow storm.  I got to most of my workouts after Monday.  Unfortunately, I won’t have a car for the next couple of days.  My husband needs to borrow mine while his is in the shop.  I really hate having my exercise schedule disrupted, but he needs to go to a couple of appointments so there isn’t much choice.

Had my physical last week.  The doc said all my numbers were great except the white blood cell count.  Of course.  That explains the never ending head cold.  He is now treating me for two separate infections with an antibiotic that makes me sick to my stomach, even with food. Lovely.  The upside is now that my physical is over I can view what I am doing as more long term.  I’d like to lose some weight before my birthday, which is in June.  Five months is easier to deal with than five days or five weeks.

It is much warmer now, and the snow is rapidly melting.  The picture this week is a dream of warmer weather.  I know we need some more really cold weather to control germs, bugs and other things that need to be suppressed in the summer.  We’ve had a little cold, but it has been fairly warm most of the time.  Today I went shopping without a coat.  I hope we get some more cold weather.  Don’t need the snow, just the cold.

Did our taxes last night.  Two years ago we had to pay federal over $800.  Last year we paid federal over $700.  For some reason, this year we get a refund!  We think it is because my husband’s hours at his part time job got cut by a day, but he had the same amount withheld in taxes.  That, and the fact that he did not have any extra income from being an expert witness last year.  I told him to keep his income down if it means we don’t have to pay the IRS.  It is the small victories that keep me going.

Next week is the Iowa Caucuses, my son’s rescheduled graduation, and who knows what at work.  I’m not looking forward to 2016 from a political perspective.  I’m not overly impressed with any of the candidates on either side.

Until next week….


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