End of Week 190 – More Disruption…


Pictured above is a light snow.  Nothing compared to what is happening now, but it projects the idea.  Just when I thought things might be getting back to normal, we get a blizzard.  I’m pretty much holding my own, and I got to the gym as scheduled from Monday through Friday.  I even made both of my private workouts.  Of course, I can’t go to the gym today since there is a driving restriction in effect.  It may be just as well.  I can’t seem to shake this cold or whatever it is.  It first hit around Thanksgiving, then again at Christmas, and now in January.  Same symptoms each time.  Like it never really went totally away.

Sick or not, yesterday I had a great time at my private session.  Will took me into the boxing room and let me hit the heavy bag!  It was my dojo days again!  I was so excited.  I wore light boxing gloves and just went at it for a minute at a time – two separate sessions.  It was so much fun!

So now we are watching the progress of Winter Storm Jonas.  So far Dan Satterfield on WBOC has been spot on in his forecast.  I’ve been throwing sunflower seed out the back door since I did not get a chance to fill my bird feeders before the storm.  It is good to see cardinals back there again.

My son’s graduation from college (getting his Masters) has been rescheduled, thank heaven!  We don’t have to get anywhere.  I may take advantage of the time to try to write something besides this blog. Haven’t been able to do that in a while.

Until next week…


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