End of Week 189 – Ok, now what….

Purple Tree

I’m holding my own on the scale, which isn’t bad for a fragmented week.  Missed a couple of days working out at the gym (I did some at home) due to being without transportation. Stayed home to watch workmen put in new windows.  Had special events at work that clogged up my schedule.  However, I did get to the gym Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; and I made up for a lack of cardio during the week on Saturday by going 20 minutes on the elliptical and another 10 on the treadmill.  My trainer, Will, was out of town so I went to only one planned session, but we will pick it up again on Tuesday.

Wow – it’s snowing!  It won’t accumulate, but it sure is nice to watch it fall.

I now have plenty of protein mix so I am trying to keep up the protein and cut back the carbs.  Hard to do since my husband loves to make starch with each dinner (being retired, he cooks maybe three times a week).  I’m baking boneless, skinless chicken to use at work and when I make my own dinner.  I need to up my green leafy veggies.

Again, I’m going through one of those periods in my life where I feel the need to change something meaningful.  It’s a feeling in my gut that makes me want to look for another job, or another house, or start doing something different that has goals to attain, or maybe contact Personnel about retiring.  It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with what I have – quite the opposite.  My job is great.  I like where we live.  I’m not ready to retire, and I am still working on my weight loss goals through my new workout program.  It’s a strange feeling that I can’t really explain, and can’t deny.  I’m sure I’ll do what I always do – ride it out until it subsides.

If I am honest about it I really do know what I’d like to do.  I’d like to go back to school.  I have a Bachelors so I guess I’d go back for a Masters.  Unfortunately, at my age I can’t afford to get into that much debt.  I’d have to get federal financial aid to make it happen.  And I keep thinking, “At my age, what would I do with another degree?”  I wish I had the money to give myself an education simply for the sake of the education.

Well, another week is coming.  Another chance to buckle down and try to make things work.  I hope it goes better than last week.

Until next week….


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